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Player First Games, developer of MultiVersus, recently announced that two more characters, Black Adam and Stripe, will be added. Here is everything.

MultiVersus is a video game where players take on the roles of popular characters from the Warner Bros’ universes. You can jump into an epic brawl with Bugs BunnyBatmanShaggy, and more Warner Bros characters! 

MultiVersus Universe adds the new characters, Black Adam and Stripe, to its roster. These characters are very popular in their respective franchises, so it makes sense for them to be part of the game. The addition came at the same time as the new Dwayne Johnson movie from Warner Bros. However, the game’s Black Adam is not the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson version.

MultiVersus Black Adam Skills and More

The new patch of MultiVersus brings one of the most interesting DC Comic characters, Black Adam, who was recently freed from prison after thousands of years. The character is on a course to meet with the Justice Society of America.

MultiVersus’ latest update was set to debut Black Adam as the 22nd playable character. The character has lightning and thunder attacks, a force field, and the ability to fly. These powers make him a very versatile fighter, as they can be used on and off the stage. Here’s the skill list of Black Adam:

  • Lightning Surge: Unleashes electric energy around him. The ability not only shocks enemies but also electrifies allies nearby.
  • Heru’s Flight: Black Adam can fly in any direction.
  • Aton’s Havoc: Black Adam can grab and shock his enemies with a jumping beam of lightning

What Else Does MultiVersus’ New Patch Include?

Besides the playable new character, Black Adam, the new patch also adds some features to the game. 

MultiVersus now features a gauntlet-style Arcade Mode that can be mastered at different difficulty levels. Players can choose from three difficulty levels and challenge themselves by taking on a series of challenges.

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