MultiVersus Season 1 Delayed!

Multiversus Season 1 has been delayed indefinitely! The new character, Morty, is delayed too.

We are unhappy to announce that MultiVersus Season 1 will not start today. The company delayed the start of the season, and they did not make any comment about the new kick-off date. This may disappoint most players. If you would like to learn more about this game and this disappointing news, keep reading!

MultiVersus managed to be quite popular right after its launch. This popular platform fighter game offers a retro gaming experience and a thrill. The studio planned August 9 as the kick-off date for Season 1. However, the community discovered that season 1 will not launch on the planned date.

MultiVersus Rick & Morty Lawod
MultiVersus Season 1 Delayed! 2

The game announced it through its official Twitter account, and unfortunately, they did not share any details about the reason for the delay either. Besides, if you have been following the news about the game, you may have seen some news about the playable Morty with the launch of season 1. As you might guess, this is delayed too. So, you can only play with the current Multiversus character tier for now.

According to the official statement on Twitter, they just said they are delaying the season one launch and playable Morty to a future date. Additionally, they emphasized the disappointment that gamers may experience because of the delay. However, they also promised to deliver exciting and new content to players to make it up.

In the announcement tweet, they also noted that they will let their players know as soon as possible when they have an exact date for the launch of season one.

Moreover, they revealed more details about the battle pass and the season. According to this, the battle pass will have 50 tiers to complete. Although there is speculation on the price, it seems like it will only cost 950 gleamium to players.

Since we do not know how long a season will take, making comments on the difficulty of the battle pass and its challenges may be misleading. However, just like all battle passes, we believe it will be mediocre and quite rewarding. Especially considering that this will be the first battle pass in the game.

MultiVersus is a highly promising game. It has reached millions of players in just two months. However, such delays without additional information may lead to the loss of players in the event that they are repeated.

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