Multiversus Character Classes and How to Unlock Characters

Gamers can rejoice as the new fighting game Multiversus from Warner Bros. will be available for free-to-play on Steam in July. In addition to this, it offers up a huge roster of original characters, including Arya StarkHarley QuinnReindogShaggy and VelmaBatmanWonder WomanTom and JerryThe Iron GiantTasmanian Devil, and Bugs Bunny. These characters are familiar from recognizable series and movies by Warner Bros. The characters in Multiversus have their own skill sets and fall into one of five main classes. Here is what you need to know about Multiversus characters.

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Multiversus Character Classes and How to Unlock Characters 2

Before we dive into how to unlock Multiversus characters, here are a few things that players should know about the move set. These characters can move in multiple directions. In other words, they can move in both horizontal and vertical directions during combat. 

So, players first need to be selected in these move sets and then can determine the style of combat they offer as follows: assassinbruisemagesupport, and tank. For example, while characters like Batman and Shaggy are in the class of bruiser, Superman and Wonder Woman are in the class of tank.

The heroes of the mage class specialize in dealing with damage from a distance through damaging weapons or useful tricks. But bruiser class characters can generally be regarded as all-rounders with a set of moves. Another class is assassins. They are all about dealing a high amount of damage with weapons. 

That’s everything we know so far about the character classes in Multiversus. Now we can move on to how to unlock characters in Multiversus.

How to unlock Multiversus characters?

While much of the play can be unlocked through the game’s battle pass system, Multiversus, in this case, is across the board. We gather specialized information to show our visitors how to unlock the characters from the start. 

To unlock characters in Multiversus, you need to spend coins for each character. To unlock characters like Arya Stark, Garnet, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Steven Universe, you need to spend 2000 coins.

However, this information depends on Multiversus‘ closed alpha, so once the game’s open beta is released, unlocked characters or the terms of purchase might change. You can find more information about Multiversus in the future by following Lawod.

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