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Payday 3 comes with several playable characters. Here are all the playable characters in Payday 3: 

Payday 3 brings the original gang of criminals back from retirement and into New York City. In the game, players can select from a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique gender, personality, and nationality. While getting the money fast is undoubtedly important, a skilled squad is the key to successfully completing a heist and gathering loot.

With over 20 playable characters available, some of which have carried over from Payday 2 and the addition of two new characters in this year’s title, players have a wide range of options to choose from. Whether you prefer a sneaky approach or a full-on assault, there is a character to suit your playstyle.


Payday 3 Characters Dallas Lawod ss
Payday 3 Characters 8

Dallas, also known as Nathan Steele, is a 44-year-old American who is a mastermind when it comes to heists. 

He is a heavy smoker and wears an American flag mask during his heists. His voice is provided by Simon Kerr. 

Dallas is the leader of the original Payday gang and brought the heisters together for their first heist at the World Bank. He is the one who comes up with all their future plans.


Payday 3 Characters Chains Lawod ss 1
Payday 3 Characters 9

One of the important members of the Payday Gang is Chains, also known as Nicolas. He was introduced in the first Payday game and is known as one of the core four. 

Chains is a 37-year-old military veteran who has been involved in heists for over 10 years. After leaving the military, he became a mercenary and started taking on jobs all over the world. 

Chains enjoys taking risks and seeking out excitement, which is why he is in the heist business. During heists, he wears a mask that is white, pink, and blue and is voiced by Damion Poitier. 

As the muscle of the group, Chains is a serious criminal who is quick to use his weapon, which is also the reason he was kicked out of the military.


Payday 3 Characters Hoxton Lawod ss
Payday 3 Characters 10

Hoxton, also known as James Hoxworth, is from England and tends to fight with anyone who gets in his way, such as rival football fans and opponents in illegal boxing matches. He did something illegal for the first time when he was 19 years old, robbing a liquor store, which is how he got his nickname. He is good at shooting and stealing cars.

At some point between Payday 1 and 2, he was arrested by the FBI, so Dallas’ younger brother took his place. The new guy called himself Houston and liked to wear a pink clown mask sometimes.

Hoxton is good friends with Dallas, Chains, and Wolf. He was upset when his gang members replaced him with Houston, but they made him feel better by reminding him that the new guy likes his mask and nickname. He is part of a group called the Payday Gang, which is led by a mysterious person named Bain.

Pete Gold has been voicing Hoxton since Payday: The Heist, and he will continue to play the character in Payday 3.


Payday 3 Characters Wolf Lawod ss
Payday 3 Characters 11

Wolf is a psychopathic software developer from Stockholm who started participating in heists after his company suffered massive losses. He quickly became obsessed with the criminal life and developed a taste for explosions. He also has a tendency to taunt and harass hostages, earning him nicknames such as Hoxtilicious, Hoxtitron, El Hoxo, and the Hoxtinator.

In Payday 3, there is a new voice actor for the character Wolf. This is because the previous actor, Ulf Andersson, has moved on to creating his own games. The new actor, Nicklas Berglund, has experience voicing characters in other games like Biomutant and a mini-series called Clark. While it’s a big job to take on such an iconic character, Berglund is talented and ready for the challenge.

Payday 3 New Characters

Payday 3 New Characters Lawod ss 2
Payday 3 Characters 12

Payday fans can look forward to two new heisters in the upcoming sequel. Pearl and Joy will join the original clown-masked crew of Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains for a total of six playable heisters at launch. Joy is a genius hacker and security expert who can break into any system she sees fit.


Payday 3 Characters Joy Lawod ss
Payday 3 Characters 13

Joy has no respect for law enforcement or the legal system and boasts a twisted sense of humor, making her a wildcard during every heist. She can easily infiltrate transport facilities and hack into security features.

She also has a unique LED mask that flashes in the same pattern as the other heisters’ signature masks in the new trailer. She also wields a weapon called the ‘Signature SMG,’ which shares a name with the heisters’ signature pistols. This is most likely a reference to the fact that both weapons are produced by Sig Sauer.

Joy is also a character who is a tribute to Nintendo, a popular Japanese game company. Her name and LED mask are inspired by the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons, which are known for their blue and red colors. Although she wasn’t in the original lineup of Payday characters, Joy was added in a later version and has become a fan favorite. In Payday 3, Joy will be played by the same actress who portrayed her in the previous game.


Payday 3 Characters Pearl
Payday 3 Characters 14

There’s also another new character named Pearl who’s joining the Payday Gang. She’s really good at pretending to be someone else and getting into places she’s not supposed to be. Pearl’s specialty is tricking rich people. Even though we don’t know much about her yet, she’s a cool new addition to the team. 

She’s a sneaky character that can help with missions. The voice actor for Pearl is Rebecca LaChance, who has done voices for many other video games, too. More new characters might be added later, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Developer Starbreeze is preparing the third installment of the high-stakes bank heist game that was launched on Steam and Epic Games for PCs, the PS Store for PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Store for Xbox Series X/S on September 21.

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