Railway Empire 2 Characters Guide

There are six different characters you can choose from in Railway Empire 2. Each character has their own set of strengths and weaknesses that will influence how you play. Check out to learn more about each character in Railway Empire 2.

Railway Empire 2 puts players in the role of a railroad tycoon at the dawn of the locomotive age. Developed by Gaming Minds and Kalypso Media, the immersive simulation offers an engaging journey into railroad management.

Experience history in the making with a 5-chapter campaign set across iconic regions of Europe and America, 14 scenarios, a customizable free-play mode, and a relaxing construction mode. Laying tracks is easier than ever with automatically placed signals, expanded bridges that hold up to 4 tracks, and train stations that now have up to 8 tracks. 

Idris K. Bailey – The Engineer

The Engineer Railway Empire 2 Characters Guide Lawod
Railway Empire 2 Characters Guide 7

Idris was born in Portsmouth, UK, to an English mother and a French father. He studied engineering in Paris, supported by odd jobs and friends because his family was never particularly rich, and they struggled with debt at that time. Despite numerous obstacles, his inventions and tenacity have made him a well-known name in engineering.

Here are his stand-out features:

  • Technical genius: 20% lower costs for tracks, tunnels, and bridges. 
  • Maintenance: All locomotives require 10% less maintenance. 
  • Ineffective Leader: 5% less staff efficiency.

Barti Shiloh – The Gangster

The Gangster Railway Empire 2 Characters Guide Lawod
Railway Empire 2 Characters Guide 8

Barti was born in Brooklyn, NY, and is the son of Russian immigrants. He began his career in New York as a gangster. Even as a teenager, he started a gang and then quickly worked his way up within the greater structure of a Jewish Mob. Because of his cunning, he rose through the ranks of the Jewish mob, and he started a railroad to provide transportation for his organization.

Here are his stand-out features:

  • Shady Contacts: All saboteurs are 50% cheaper. 
  • Secretive: All new buildings within a city are 50% cheaper. 
  • Self-taught: 30% higher costs for tracks, tunnels, and bridges.

Héléne Gérard – The Entrepreneur

Railway Empire 2 Characters Guide The Entrepreneur Lawod
Railway Empire 2 Characters Guide 9

Hélene is a native of Dunkirk who was born to a wealthy merchant. After executors and greedy relatives had squandered much of the remainder, she took over the estate and used astute railroad investments to increase her wealth. She is a smart planner and strict leader that can become one of the richest women in the world.

  • Social Skills: 5% higher staff efficiency.
  • Avid Following: The bonus from express trains is 20% instead of 10%.
  • Safety-conscious: Maintenance completed 10% slower.

Walter Pajonk – The Professor

The Professor Railway Empire 2 Characters Guide Lawod
Railway Empire 2 Characters Guide 10

Walter was born in Stuttgart, Germany, to a baker family but broke with family tradition to apprentice as a stonemason. He managed to snatch a position as a professor of a descriptive geometry professor. He has built successful railroad lines and sees the railroad industry as a game.

  • Eloquent: The costs of an auction are subsequently reduced by 30%.
  • Fluent in Business: All locomotives are 60% cheaper.
  • Unpopular: 15% less revenue from passengers & mail.

General Donovan – The General

The General Railway Empire 2 Characters Guide Lawod
Railway Empire 2 Characters Guide 11

General Donovan, a native of Danvers, Massachusetts, started out by surveying railroad tracks before enlisting in the military as an officer and railroad expert. Discipline and honor are very important to Donovan.

  • Strict Regiment: 30% lower track construction costs.
  • Intimidating: Sabotage defense increased by 20%.
  • Down to Earth: 30% higher costs for tunnels & bridges.

Madam Ward – The Lady

The Lady Railway Empire 2 Characters Guide Lawod
Railway Empire 2 Characters Guide 12

Born free in Delta, Louisiana, Madam Ward established a lucrative cosmetics product line targeted at women of color, which helped her build a quickly expanding company. To better control the distribution of her goods, she got into the railroad business.

  • Manufacturer: Factory and rural business upgrades are 30% cheaper.
  • Visionary: Can acquire factories from the city without an auction.
  • Price War: 10% less revenue from freight.

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