River City Girls 2 Maps

Are you interested in playing a game where you're a "Girl" who can travel around town? River City Girls 2 might be right up your alley. The maps in our article for this particular game will allow you to explore secrets hidden inside it.

River City Girls 2 is the sequel to the original adventure fighting game. It features new characters, missions, and quests. Players can explore the larger city and additional areas and fight more challenging bosses.

In addition to the original’s six zones, the sequel, River City Girls 2, includes eight areas. Each area contains a Secret Area. A Secret Area is a location where the player must do something to enter. During gameplay, players must also visit places like the Food Court, Back Alley, and Back Wall. They can interact with these areas to get special items and recruit new River City 2 characters. Using these areas can help players gain experience and earn money.

River City Girls 2 All Areas and Secret Locations

One of the game’s most unique features is its “secrets”. Each district in the game has secrets. These secrets are hidden and require players to hold the interact button to access them. There are secret areas, secret items, and a secret message to be found in the game. They can be used to complete challenges and earn extra EXP. So, how do you find them?

River City Girls 2 All Areas and Secret Locations
River City Girls 2 Maps 2

As you can see in these maps, there are eight secret areas in River City Girls 2. Each of these is located in a different district. You’ll need to explore them to find out what they are. Here are all the main areas on River City Girls 2 Full Map:

  • R.C.H.S
  • Crosstown
  • Downtown
  • Uptown
  • Ocean Heights
  • Flatirons
  • Technos
  • Sanwakai Tower

Next and last thing, you need to find the aforementioned secret item. This is a secret message which is contained in a hidden room. To get there, you need to punch a door to gain access. Once you’ve gained access, you can read the secret message.

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