Sonic Frontiers – The End Guide

Sonic Frontiers is the latest in a line of Sonic games and has several bosses, including the final boss, "The End."

In the story mode of Sonic Frontiers, the player can choose to fight the villain of the piece. The villain, which is a bosartige monster, is called “The End” and boasts a number of impressive feats. The End, for instance, can send messages and manipulate others to fulfill its desires. It also boasts about its power.

Among these achievements is its ability to destroy several planets and stars. It also hints at the possibility of defeating the mighty Supreme Titan, which would be a major accomplishment in the world of Sonic games.

Another important aspect of the game is the end-of-game content. Players can witness a special cutscene when they finish the game. In addition, there are two versions of the final showdown.

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The End’s Story

The End, which is the game’s final boss, showed up first, tens of thousands of years ago. It destroyed countless planets, causing the extinction of many civilizations. Its most recent disaster was the destruction of the Ancients’ planet, forcing them to flee to Earth.

Sonic the Hedgehog visits the Starfall Islands to investigate the disappearance of the Chaos Emeralds and discovers the End. Starfall Islands is where the final boss fight against the End will take place. The End has a couple of powers and abilities.

Powers and Abilities

The End is the strongest boss in Sonic Frontiers. It has a couple of abilities that will trouble you during your play.

  • The End can perform laser beam attacks which it can use to destroy planets. These laser beams are not as strong as Dark Gaia’s power.
  • Another ability of the End is laser bullets. The End shoots these laser bullets in its moon incarnation. 
  • The End can control other robotic units and titans. This means you will also need to deal with those things along with the End itself.

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