Sonic Frontiers Bosses Guide

Sonic Frontiers offers a great experience for anyone looking for an adventure in Sonic's universe. The game includes plenty of enemies to overcome, especially bosses. Here is the boss list you will encounter in Sonic Frontiers:

Sonic Frontiers is the latest Sonic game, developed by the Sonic Team and published by SEGA in 2022. In the newest high-speed adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog, you’ll search for missing Chaos emeralds and find yourself stuck on an ancient island populated with strange monsters and stronger bosses.

Speaking of bosses in Sonic Frontiers, they can be a little intimidating. Although it seems hard to defeat them, they are beatable if you believe in yourself and Sonic the Hedgehog

The bosses in Sonic Frontiers are pretty, though. Like, there is a sand shark on Ares Island. The game’s first guardian, Squid, is another awesome one. It has a fast movement and a purple platform to fight on. It’s a good one for an entry-level boss. Anyway, let’s get to the full boss list without further ado.

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Sonic Frontiers Bosses Guide 2

Sonic Frontiers Boss List

The bosses in Sonic Frontiers are pretty big. These creatures are based on Chaos Emeralds and are powered by golden invulnerability. Some of these giant creatures are more interesting than others. Some are incredibly difficult to defeat. They are, however, entertaining to battle and add spice to the game. Here is the full Sonic Frontiers Boss List:

Giganto (Kronos Island Titan)

The first of the bosses is Giganto. He’s a massive humanoid. His design is similar to the one found in the Matrix. His mouth is a bit xenomorph-like, and he shoots lasers.

Wyvern (Ares Island Titan)

Wyvern ambushes the players in the desert. Until some point, players have to run away from it. Once players reach a higher ground where Wyvern becomes vulnerable, they can attack it. Sonic can transform into Super Sonic upon homing attack.

Knight (Chaos Island Titan)

The Knight is another boss who makes you run away until a cutscene shows a volcanic eruption. Following the cutscene, the Knight boss will begin attacking Sonic. Players can attack some weak spots on the Knight to defeat it.

Supreme (Ouranos Island Titan)

Sonic can transform into Super Sonic right away, and the fight begins. It is one of the game’s toughest enemies, and players must wait for Supreme to knock them back first and avoid the incoming projectiles.

Final Boss (The End)

You need to charge your attacks by using both light and dark attacks. Use your dodge and reaction skills to deal with the end boss. Parry the orb attacks and lasers moving around you.

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