Total War: Pharaoh – Rise to Power As Egypt’s Last Great Pharaoh

The acclaimed strategy series from Creative Assembly will be making its return this October with Total War: Pharaoh. 

The award-winning strategy series from Creative Assembly, the Total War series, returns to Ancient Egypt with Total War: Pharaoh. Strategy game fans can now experience the tumultuous era of the Bronze Age Collapse through dynamic real-time battles and turn-based empire management.

The newest entry in the award-winning strategy series brings ancient Egypt to life like never before. Total War: Pharaoh takes you back to the year 1,200 BCE, where you can experience the peak of the New Kingdom. As Egypt expands its dominance across North Africa, the Canaanites and Hittites battled for control of the Levant and Anatolia. In this game, you’ll need to use your strategic skills to win real-time battles and manage your empire to become Egypt’s greatest Pharaoh.

Total War: Pharaoh Gameplay Offers Realistic and Immersive Experience

Taking the series back to its roots in historical wargames, Total War: Pharaoh puts you at the head of a growing empire in 1,200 BCE. Players will choose from leaders representing the Egyptian, Hittite, and Canaanite peoples as you attempt to prevent or accelerate the cataclysmic Bronze Age Collapse.

The game is designed to feel more realistic and immersive, with lots of new features to explore. In battles, the weight of units now plays an important role, and the weather can have a big impact on how the battles play out. You might find yourself fighting in the fog, during a storm, or in a sandstorm, all of which can make things more challenging and exciting!

Total War: Pharaoh features a variety of refreshing new mechanics, from new Royal Traditions that determine your dynasty’s outlook to Ambitions that provide short-term goals for your campaign. 

The game also takes a step back from the more fantastical elements of recent entries in the franchise, with resource concerns now focusing on practical ancient realities such as grain for your army or bronze for armor.

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The game has a unique feature where the events that unfold are not predetermined but rather are generated dynamically in real-time. This means that you can expect the unexpected, as wars, plagues, famines, and natural disasters can occur at any time, wreaking havoc in the game’s world. These events can severely impact the empires within the game, making it a thrilling and unpredictable experience.

In addition, the game now offers you more chances to compete for influence and gain advantages by participating in court politics. Plus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the game now focuses on practical aspects of ancient times, like food and resources, rather than abstract concepts like money, which is commonly found in modern games.

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Total War: Pharaoh Map Covers an Area From Egypt to Türkiye

As we mentioned before, players take control of Egypt at its zenith and struggle to prevent the impending Bronze Age collapse in this historically grounded entry in the grand strategy series. Total War: Pharaoh recreates an epic period in history as warring factions compete for dominance across a campaign map that spans the rich cultural hubs of Ancient Egypt, Canaan, and Hittite Anatolia.

Total War: Pharaoh Release Date

In summary, the game is set in ancient Egypt during the New Kingdom era. It lets players experience the conflicts for power and the downfall of a once-great civilization.

Total War: Pharaoh will be available digitally on October 11 and as a physical limited edition on October 23. Pre-orders will get access to an early access weekend and the Avatar of the Gods cosmetic pack.

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