Xbox Game Pass Core Will Replace Xbox Live Games With Gold

Microsoft's Xbox Live Games with Gold has had a long and sometimes bumpy life. For more than a decade, Xbox Live Gold subscribers have been able to claim free modern and classic games each month. But the perk is finally coming to an end, with Microsoft announcing that it will be replaced by a new service called Xbox Game Pass Core.

For years, many people have complained about the Xbox Live Games with Gold perk, especially when compared to Sony’s PlayStation Plus catalog which regularly adds high-profile free games. Upon these complaints, Xbox announced that the service will not be available starting from September 14th. Instead, it will be transformed into a new subscription tier named Xbox Game Pass Core. This new service will offer a curated selection of different games every month.

As for the upcoming changes, Microsoft is announcing that its final Xbox Live Games with Gold lineup will feature two interesting indie gamesBlue Fire and Inertial Drift. You can get more information about Xbox Live Games with Gold August 2023 games on Lawod.

Xbox Game Pass Core Price Table
Xbox Game Pass Core Will Replace Xbox Live Games With Gold 2

When Does Xbox Live Games with Gold End?

The new tier of subscription, called Xbox Game Pass Core, will launch on September 14 and offer a curated collection of 25 games. It will also feature online gaming on Xbox consoles and PCs, as well as “member deals and discounts.”

Regardless, Xbox Live Games with Gold members will still get three months of Xbox Game Pass Core for free in exchange for their yearly membership starting on September 14. This is the first time that the subscription will be offered at that price, and it’ll offer online console multiplayer as well as a curated library of more than 25 games to play. 

Microsoft says that it’ll add new games to Xbox Game Pass Core two or three times a year. And Xbox Live Gold subscribers who already have a redeemed title will be able to keep it as long as they remain subscribers.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, on the other hand, isn’t changing, and it will continue to be offered at its previous $10 a month price with a broader set of games and other exclusive benefits.

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