Zardy Mod FNF – Play Without Download

Zardy Mod FNF is one of my favorite FNF Mods inspired by another indie game named “Zardy’s Maze.” In this mod, there is a four-minute-long song called Foolhardy that has exactly 1023 notes.

Friday Night Funkin is an indie game where you have rhythm battles against antagonists who are not cool with you dating your girlfriend. If you hear FNF for the first time, you can find more information about Friday Night Funkin on Lawod.


Zardy is a scarecrow with glowing yellow eyes and with what appears to be a piece of wood sticking out of his mouth. The story of the Zardy Mod begins with Boyfriend and Girlfriend entering the cornfield protected by Zardy. Zardy normally kills those who dare to enter his cornfield but, this time, he starts a rhythm battle against Boyfriend.

Zardy Mod FNF Song: Foolhardy

There is only one song on Zardy Mod FNF called Foolhardy. As you can listen to below, it is quite an enjoyable song that mixes some rock melodies and rap beats. Foolhardy is also one of the hardest songs among all FNF mods with 1023 notes, and it longs nearly four minutes.

FNF Zardy Mod No Download

FNF Zardy Mod is playable without downloading it on your PC. You can play the Zardy Mod on several websites where make you able to play this mod over your browser. If you want to learn how to play FNF Mods online, you can read our FNF Mods No Download article. Below, you can play the Zardy Mod online without needing a download.

Play FNF vs. Zardy Mod Online

FNF Zardy Mod Download

Like many other FNF Mods, you can also download this mod on your PC. After you ensure that you have the original Friday Night Funkin is installed on your PC, you can download FNF Zardy Mod from the developer’s page on GameBanana.

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