5 Tips For Genshin Impact Beginners

With its challenging monsters and many unforgettable characters, Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games of recent times. So, where do you start exploring Genshin Impact’s Teyvat world? Five tips in this article can help you. You can also view this article as a guide for beginners to Genshin Impact.

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Cook Food

Gather every ingredient you can find while exploring the Genshin Impact’s Teyvat world with your character because a hot meal can be a lifesaver. In addition, the fire you can cook can be encountered at any time, so your bag should always be full of these ingredients. These can be herbs, fruits, vegetables, or a piece of meat. Make sure to seek an adventurer named Lynn to develop your character for survival in the wild.

Here’s a tip: You can find adventurer Lynn preparing a few recipes on the intersecting road in front of Mondstadt castle.

5 Tips For Genshin Impact Beginners 4

Visit the Blacksmith

Stronger weapons create a stronger character. For this reason, you should not neglect to improve your weapons. While you’re on your way to Mondstadt, don’t forget to visit the gun specialist Wagner‘s shop near the front door. While it sells some basic weapons, Wagner’s blacksmithing skills are much more impressive. You can build more powerful equipment by taking a look at Wagner’s products.

By the way, here’s another tip: don’t waste time with battles you can’t win.

genshin impact wagner
5 Tips For Genshin Impact Beginners 5

Light Up The Towers

If you see a Teleport Waypoint while exploring the Genshin Impact’s massive map, activate it immediately. These marks will help you quickly move anywhere on the map to another.

Our tip here is if you are about to lose a war, these Waypoints offer you a very good escape.

Teleport Waypoint in Genshin Impact 1
5 Tips For Genshin Impact Beginners 6

Make A Wish

Once you’ve recruited your first three friends, you can have a versatile team that uses elemental magic. If this is not enough for you, you can collect more heroes. You can recruit more heroes by visiting the Wish menu. Let us remind you that you have many free wishes. You can also earn more wishes by increasing your level and completing missions.

Become A Master in Elements

Perhaps the most significant thing in Genshin Impact is the elements because the game rewards those who use the power of nature to their full advantage. For example, using an Anemo attack to fan flames is a very great tactic if the enemy has a torch in hand. Or if your enemy is standing in the water, a Cryo or Electro magic blast can cause the enemy to crash.

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