Agony of A Dying MMO – The World’s Ending. Let’s Party!

Agony Of A Dying MMO is an indie narrative horror game that puts you in an MMO, which is going to shut down completely, to see the game from the eyes of different players. Isn’t that interesting?

Agony Of A Dying MMO Overview

Agony of a Dying MMO is a narrative horror game that lets you have the perspective of different players in the final hours of a massively multiplayer online game before its servers shut down completely.

There are four factions, including Resistance, Nazis, Furries, and Cenobites, and you’ll meet players from each faction. Some players you meet will share their inner and thoughts with you. Some other players will be friendly and tell you that why do they start to play this MMO. Regardless of their personalities, each player faces the fact that the game they are playing is about to disappear forever.

When it comes to the visuals, it could be said that the game used retro visuals to create the atmosphere of a dying game. The game also has strong storytelling and voice acting.

Agony Of A Dying MMO Download

Agony Of A Dying MMO is an indie game available on It is not completed yet, but it has a demo version, so you can try it for free. When the game is fully complete and released on a platform, you can play the game if you like it. I strongly recommend the game, which offers you a completely different experience.

Before you download the game, don’t forget to support the developer, Salem Hughes, for his great effort. Your supports also will speed up the development process.

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