An Upcoming Sandbox Game Core Keeper

Are you looking for a fun online co-op game with cute graphics? If so, then we can recommend Core Keeper to you! This amazing game is on early access right now, and only a day remains until its official release. Thus, it may be the best time to enjoy this game.

This is why we wanted to compile this guide for you. We have covered everything you might wonder about Core Keeper, which was developed by Pugstorm and will be published by Sold Out. So let’s stop wasting more time and dive into the details of the game.

We would like to note that the game will be officially released on March 8, 2022.

Take a Journey Underground

The game takes place underground, and it takes about six hours to complete. However, we assure you that you can spend more than a hundred hours when you want to discover all the mechanics and explore the areas.

Core Keeper offers a wide range of mechanics such as farming, crafting, base building, and role-playing combat.

Get Ready for Challenging Combats

While you are walking in a forest, you are going to find a magical artifact, and once you touch it, you will find yourself underground. Although the new area may seem peaceful, soon you are going to face plenty of enemies.

We would like to note that you will encounter slimes first, and they are a piece of cake. However, as you keep playing, you are going to encounter much more challenging enemies. Thus, make sure that you are ready to take on challenging combat before you start playing Core Keeper.

Your True Power Is Your Skills

Core Keeper allows players to craft items and equipment to use in their battles. However, the true power lies within you. Your skills are the most important thing that you will need during your Core Keeper adventure. It is important to note that you will improve your skills as you keep using them.

Anything you do with your skills will contribute to its power and improvement. This is why you need to keep using them to get better resources so that you can craft better items and equipment for yourself. This will significantly provide convenience in your adventure.


Keep An Eye for Food Sources

Food is the most important resource for you in Core Keeper. It will help you to keep healthy and earn health points. You will be provided with enough resources at the beginning, but you should not rely on this source.

You can find plenty of raw foods in different parts of the world, but consuming them may not be a good idea. You can combine two raw foods to create a cooked dish. This will provide you with more advantages and fill your food meter more than raw foods.

Boss Battles Are Challenging

There are also bosses in Core Keeper, and we can easily say that they are pretty challenging. Thus, make sure that you are already ready for a fight in the game.

All in all, complete enjoyment, strategy, and action await you. You can now head to Steam to add Core Keeper to your game library.

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