Atomic Heart’s “Crispy Critters” Phrase

If you've played Atomic Heart, then you might be familiar with Major P-3's trademark phrase: "Crispy Critters." Here is everything you need to know.

If you have played the recent action RPG Atomic Heart, then you might recall P-3 saying “Crispy Critters” several times. This unusual word choice has puzzled many players about its actual meaning.

Some speculate that Atomic Heart may be a nod to Crispy Critters, a breakfast cereal introduced in 1963. Though this could be possible, it doesn’t quite fit with the timeline of Atomic Heart which takes place years after this product’s introduction.

Another possible explanation for why P-3 might use the phrase “Crispy Critters” is that it could serve as censorship to replace curse words in the game. This makes sense since P-3 tends to utter it during times of high tension, such as when engaging enemies.

No matter why, players need to be made aware of this feature in Atomic Heart, as it can be one of the most confusing elements. Knowing what this phrase means in-game will help alleviate some confusion and ensure everyone understands what it means.

Atomic Heart Lawod ss Crispy Critters
Atomic Heart's "Crispy Critters" Phrase 3

Is Crispy Critters a Curse Word?

Atomic Heart, the latest game from Russian developers Mundfish, takes you into a vibrant world where Soviet technology has advanced so far that manual labor is no longer necessary. In such an imaginative setting, it’s understandable why the game has some distinguishing features from its competitors.

Atomic Heart‘s dialogue is an integral element of gameplay, and players often hear P-3 use the phrase “Crispy Critters.” This unique phrase doesn’t appear to be often used enough in other games.

However, its existence has caused much confusion for some. Many have pondered whether it is a curse or another sophisticated swear word.

Crispy Critters in Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart's "Crispy Critters" Phrase 4

Crispy Critters in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is an enjoyable and creative game with clever storytelling, big set pieces, and engaging combat. Unfortunately, its bizarre narrative and irritating dialogue ultimately prevent it from being one of our top picks this year.

The game takes place in an imaginative alternate universe where the Soviet Union has become the dominant superpower. Technology has advanced so far that manual labor no longer needs to be a factor, enabling the Soviets to construct flying cities, use robots for labor, and link themselves together across the globe via an extensive network.

The story follows a hardy former war veteran, Major P-3 (P-3 for short), as she bravely enters Facility 3826 to prevent an evil deed. However, what transpires next reveals that this vast Soviet facility built in 1955 has gone awry and caused a robotic uprising.

P-3’s signature phrase, “Crispy Critters,” is often used throughout the game to convey anger or surprise. Some fans have speculated that it might be a way of replacing curse words with more humorous alternatives; however, this has yet to be confirmed by the developers.

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