Changing Hairstyles in Harvestella

Although its limited customization options, players can at least change their hairstyles in Harvestella.

Customizing your character in Harvestella is quite limited. There are only two different characters, which are actually the genders, male and female. Appearance options include skin tone and body type only. You may see this if it’s a glitch or bug-related, but it’s not true. So, the game really offers limited options. Hey, you can at least change your hairstyles in Harvestella

Harvestella is a farming simulation game where you will tend to your farms, grow crops, harvest vegetables and fruits, and sell them for currency. You can also plow tiles, create bridges, cook, craft various foods, and plant seeds. As you can see, you can do lots of things in Harvestella. But detailed character customization is not one of them.

Everything we just said aside, we expected too much from the game, like more than just changing hairstyles. Here’s everything we know so far about hairstyles in Harvstella and all the other stuff related to character appearance customization features.

Changing Hairstyles in Harvestella Lawod ss
Changing Hairstyles in Harvestella 2

How to Change Hairstyles in Harvestella?

There is only one way to change your character’s hairstyles in Harvestella. You need to swap between the two body types:

  • The small body type has a small ponytail and does not reach the shoulders.
  • The big body has a long ponytail to the side.

All the changes you have made to your character will remain until the end of the game, so you need to be careful with your appearance customization picks.

Harvestella does not have a hair salon, so you’ll have to improvise. The best part is that the game allows for some fairly decent customization. For example, you can choose from 12 different hair colors. You can also pick up some fancy cosmetics in the off hours. Despite the limited selection, you can be creative with your looks, and there are plenty of sexy outfits to be had.

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