Harvestella World Map

There are many different locations in Harvestella, and they all require to be unlocked by you to finish the game's story. In this article, you will get everything you need related to the different locations in the game.

Harvestella is a game that has a lot going for it. It’s an innovative JRPG that’s fun to play and offers a variety of different ways to play. It’s also one of the most unique games on the Switch. The game isn’t just about farming, it’s also about adventure. There are several different types of quests, from exploring the world to finding hidden objects. 

As you play, you’ll discover that you need to make many decisions. You’ll need to manage your time between activities and build relationships with various NPCs. You’ll also need to keep your plants alive. You can do this by harvesting seeds and by defeating monsters. As you progress, you will also discover different locations in Harvestella. Here are these locations you will discover or unlock as you play:

World Map

Harvestella World Map Quietus
Credit: CozyGamers

Unlike many farming games, Harvestella has a world map that is a bit diorama-like. As players explore, they can discover hidden areas and collect different items. These may be used in combat or improve the player’s farm.

At the beginning of the game, the player is granted a plot of land in a village named Lethe. This village is a tutorial hub, and a place where the player learns about the mechanics of the Harvestella world. The player then begins to uncover the secret of Quietus.

To beat Quietus, the player must find where it comes from and kill the creatures threatening all life. Then, he must eke out a living on his farm. This involves raising various crops, constructing pens for livestock, and tending to animals.

In addition to the main story, Harvestella features a variety of side quests. For instance, the game has a dungeon system, where you’ll fight powerful enemies. These monsters have unique abilities that can be used in battle. This can take careful management of skill cooldowns and DPS checks.

Lethe Village

Harvestella World Map Lethe Village 1
Harvestella World Map 6

Throughout Harvestella, the village of Lethe is the first major town players can explore. It has everything you need to start your game, including a blacksmith and a general store. In addition, the village has a renovator and a mailbox.

The village offers you a chance to meet with a host of characters. You can also tend to crops and livestock. You can even raise a pet, which acts as a mount. You can check out the Fishing Guide if you want to learn how to fish without a pole.

There are also several useful shops in the village. In addition to the general store, you can also buy items such as eggs and copper ore. You can also find a renovator, a blacksmith, and a mailbox. You can also find a fishing rod in the main store.

The town of Lethe also has a doctor. You can find a local doctor named Cres living in a house on the western hillside of the village. He heals your character with his magic.

Njord Steppe

Harvestella World Map Njord Steppe
Harvestella World Map 7

Using a Motus Monolite will save you a ton of time and stamina. They also allow you to instantly travel to key locations, like the dungeon entrance. Unlike traditional save points, they are shaped like swirling white crystals.

The small area of Njord Steppe has three Mining Hotspots. Each of them will yield a trifecta of items. Fortunately, the small field is connected to the farm to the south.

The Njord Steppe has a lot of useful things to do and a lot of things to see. You will be able to interact with the villagers, fish, raise livestock, and tend crops. The environment has an impressive style, and the game is visually stunning. It’s not too hard to imagine that you could have a long career in this quaint little town.

Shatolla Beach

Harvestella World Map Shatolla Beach 1 1
Harvestella World Map 8

Located on the seaside, Shatolla is a town in Harvestella that has some interesting features. It is home to the Shatolla General Store, which is a place where players can buy groceries and recipes. There is also a tavern in the center of town, where the residents can socialize and enjoy some seafood. The tavern is also the site of a prized diva who has a beautiful singing voice.

The best way to earn a day’s wage in Shatolla is to fish. This is an easy and effective method of making a profit since the locals love fresh seafood. There are many ways to improve your daily life in this game, including planting crops to feed your livestock and selling your harvest to earn some extra cash. You can also purchase foods that will trigger special story beats.

If you have time on your hands, you can also explore the surrounding area and the mysterious Jade Forest. Several key characters can be found in this area, including the mysterious and mysterious Lorelei, who is believed to be responsible for the mysterious bubbles floating around.

Other Places in Harvestella 

Harvestella World Map Other Places
Harvestella World Map 9

There are also many different locations, like Winter Seaslight, Divine Cave, and the city of Argene

Located in the Divine Cave, Winter Seaslight is the home of the Seaslight Order. It regulates the seasons in Harvestella. It’s also located near the Holy Capital Argene. Square Enix has said where the location is, and it will be in the next Harvest Moon game.

The Seaslight order carries out worship in the Divine Cave. Besides the religious order, the city of Argene is a town. It is a medieval-styled town. Its main cathedral reflects Gothic architecture. The buildings and snow reflect light blue.

There is a heavy blanket of snow in the town. The time of day is reflected in the light blue hues of the buildings and snow. The game’s main character, Aria, will visit the city of Argene and explore the Winter Seaslight. She will find a mysterious mercenary named Brakka, who is involved in events that are happening around Argene.

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