Harvestella Gameplay Review

If you're wondering whether Harvestella is worth playing, check out this gameplay review to find your answer.

Harvestella is a game made by Live Wire and published by Square Enix. It has been called a mix of a farming simulator and an action RPG and is based on the story of an amnesiac protagonist named Ein, who is given a plot of land to farm and explore.

Players can choose to play as an amnesic player or as an enigmatic girl from the future. They will start their journey by earning a small farm in Lethe Village. They will then spend their time learning the mechanics of the Harvestella world, interacting with townspeople, and learning about the otherworldly events that affect the land.

Is Harvestella’s Gameplay Satisfying Enough?

The gameplay is reminiscent of Harvest Moon, although it includes a few key differences. For instance, players must also keep an eye on the timer. The game has a thirty-day cycle, which makes it difficult to maintain stamina. This means that they’ll need to visit dungeons regularly. This is also a good way to get resources.

The game is easy to pick up and play, but it does take time to get into. The first two chapters are devoted to tutorials. At the same time, the game has an epic story that has all the hallmarks of a traditional JRPG. However, once the story gets rolling, the gameplay becomes more engaging.

Aside from the main quest, Harvestella has plenty of side quests, a few romance options, and a variety of towns to explore. It also has great visuals and dialogue.

The gameplay is a blend of RPG and farming sim, with the former being the core. Players can use their skills to build up their farms, interact with villagers, and travel to different areas on the map. The dungeons are also interactive, letting players choose their own paths.

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