Everything You Should Know About Ashen Key in the Sea of Thieves

Whether you are a new or veteran player, you will know the importance of the ashen keys if you are playing Sea of Thieves. This is why we wanted to prepare this quick guide for players who would like to know more about the Ashen keys. To learn why you need them and how to find them, keep reading!

As you know, it is essential to look for certain items in Sea of Thieves to improve the gameplay experience and enjoy the game. Without a doubt, the Ashen Key is one of these items. In fact, it is safe to say that it is one of the most important items in the Sea of Thieves. Well, what is the Ashen Key then?

Ashen Key
Ashen Key Master

Ashen Key doesn’t mean anything when it is all alone. On the other hand, it is a practical and useful item to unlock Ashen Chests. These chests can be found through various sources. For example, you can kill Ashen Guardians to drop Ashen Guardian’s Notes in the Skeleton World Event and then solve this puzzle to get a chest. Additionally, they also drop from Emergent Skeleton Captain.

You can access their treasures by opening these chests, but you need an Ashen Key to open one of them. Each key can be used just once, and it will disappear once you use it.

Where to Find the Ashen Key in the Sea of Thieves?

You can also find keys from the drops of Ashen Guardians and Emergent Skeleton Captain. You can also find it as a drop from the Ashen Key Master. If you sink the Captain’s Skeleton Ship, you will also receive two keys.

There is another way to get the key. You can buy one key for 99 Doubloons by buying Ashen Key Stash Voyage. Moreover, you can also find one by digging up Skeleton’s Orders Treasure Map or with a fishing rod they use without any bait in Treacherous Plunder.

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