Halls of Torment Classes Guide

Choosing the right class is important in Halls of Torment, and the class you choose will impact how easy or difficult it is to complete the dungeon. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses.

Halls of Torment puts players in control of a unique character that they send into the depths of hell to murder increasingly deadly waves of enemies. Each kill drops XP, which lets gamers choose stat and ability upgrades from a pool of options.

Players can also snag items from bosses that can give them new abilities, like auto-casting lasers and needles or boosting projectile damage.

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1. The Swordsman

Halls of Torment Classes Guide Swordsman

In a world full of rogues, witches, and destroyers, it’s good to have a class that can just whack people with a sword. The Swordsman is the most straightforward of Halls of Torment’s classes and a great choice for new players looking to get into the game quickly.

The Swordsman features a well-balanced attack-defense balance and is able to damage or piece multiple enemies with a single strike. They are able to use both one-handed and two-handed swords. 

The well-rounded stats of the Swordsman class make it a dependable choice for any run. The sword’s cone-shaped assault enables the simultaneous striking of many adversaries despite its relatively limited attack range.

The Swordsman is an all-around dependable and flexible class that can compete in any circumstance. The Swordsman’s balanced stats and sword skills make him a deadly foe whether he is taking on hordes of foes or a strong boss.

2. The Archer

Halls of Torment Classes Guide Archer

The Archer, a marksman who takes combat from a distance, relies on speed and precision to defeat their foes. They are terrifying for enemies to face due to their high critical hit chance and ability to shoot through multiple targets with a single shot. However, they are prone to take damage themselves as a result of their low defensive stats.

The Archer can be unlocked by surviving in the Haunted Caverns until there are 26 minutes left on the clock. This requires only making it through the Haunted Caverns for four minutes, which is doable and something most new players unwittingly do.

It is simple to eliminate large numbers of adversaries thanks to the Archer’s long-range combat and high chance for critical hits. There is, however, limited margin for error because of the Archer’s low defensive stat.

The Archer has the lowest health rating in the game, making it the most vulnerable when surrounded by adversaries despite its speed and hitting prowess. To give themselves the best chance of surviving, players that utilize this character should pay priority to raise its health and regeneration rate.

3. The Exterminator

Halls of Torment Classes Guide Exterminator 1

The Exterminator is a ranged fighter with a powerful flamethrower. His attacks deal fire damage in a straight line and have a chance to burn enemies, dealing extra damage over time. Players who opt for this class should invest in weapon upgrades that increase damage output and attack speed.

The Exterminator is the first class to unlock once you complete the Ember Grounds. To do this, you must defeat the Lich, a powerful enemy who summons skeletons and casts spells to overwhelm the player. This can be done with relative ease if the player has invested in ranged weapon upgrades and purchased a good suite of blessings at the Shrine of Blessings.

To give the fire specialist a fighting chance against the forces of the Dread Lords, players that use the Exterminator should prioritize raising their defensive and block ratings. Additionally, employing upgrades to increase the Exterminator’s flame’s range and power will make him a more useful character, especially given that he has a decent chance to do flame damage to all enemies. Exterminator is a fantastic choice for the early halls where the enemies are weaker, but as the game’s complexity rises, it becomes increasingly tough to use.

4. The Cleric

Halls of Torment Classes Guide Cleric

The Cleric is the most well-rounded of the cleric subclasses, with plenty of healing magic and a good deal of utility beyond combat. 

The Cleric can be accessed by defeating the Lich in the Haunted Caverns. When there are around 10 minutes remaining on the countdown, an elite foe known as The Lich will come. To overwhelm you, the Lich conjures skeletons and cast spells nonstop.

If you want to use the cleric to run the gauntlet, you should focus all of your efforts on increasing your attack speed since, as the round goes on, this will become a real issue.

Additionally, increasing this character’s movement speed is crucial for success; using the upgrades to do so or donning the Elven Slippers will help the Cleric overcome some of his drawbacks. Players will find that this character is very good at dispatching adversaries after movement and attack speed are enhanced.

5. The Warlock

halls of torment Warlock 1
Halls of Torment Classes Guide 8

Like most other classes in Halls of Torment, the Warlock is not easy to play at first. Enemies flurry around you, there’s no clear objective, and a timer ticks away—it’ll take multiple runs before you understand what’s happening and how to get stronger.

The Warlock can be accessed by defeating the Wyrm Queen in the Ember Grounds. When there are around six minutes left on the countdown, the elite adversary known as the Wyrm Queen will spawn.

Players utilizing the Warlock should prioritize increasing their attack speed because the character’s assault deals no base critical damage, hence speed is crucial if players wish to stand a chance of surviving.

The Necromancer’s Clutch and the Firewalker Boots are two pieces of equipment that are highly suggested for a Warlock build in order to support its summoning abilities and provide additional sources of attack.

6. The Shieldmaiden

halls of torment The Shieldmaiden
Halls of Torment Classes Guide 9

A Shieldmaiden is a female warrior inspired by Norse mythology. They are the embodiment of the goddess Freya’s dual roles as a domestic deity and a warrior, fighting to defend their homes and honor.

The Shieldmaiden can be accessed by defeating the Wraith Horseman in the Forgotten Viaduct. When there are about 24 minutes left on the countdown, the elite opponent known as the Wraith Horseman spawns.

The Shieldmaiden features high damage, particularly in the form of area attacks that deal extreme amounts of damage to all enemies hit. This damage is divided evenly among enemies hit, so this character benefits from good base critical damage and crit chance traits. She also has a decent block scaling, so her defensive values are well worth improving.

If you use the Shieldmaiden, you will gain from boosting your Block Strength because this affects both the character’s attacking potential and defensive prowess. You will be prepared for success right away thanks to your superior defensive rating and amazing basic stat in critical damage.

The Shieldmaiden, like the Swordsman, would benefit from short-range spells like Dragon’s Breath because of their thick armor, which slows down their movement.

7. The Sorceress

Halls of Torment Classes Guide The Sourcess 1
Halls of Torment Classes Guide 10

With the ability to shape elements to cast devastating spells at a distance, the Sorceress is a powerful attacker. It is a squishy class, however, meaning that positioning becomes critical in battles with high-level enemies.

The Sorceress can be accessed after killing 10,000 opponents in the Forgotten Viaduct. Powerful foes abound in the Forgotten Viaduct, making it incredibly challenging to awaken the Sorceress.

Nevertheless, the Sorceress is one of the most powerful classes in Halls of Torment, especially if a player builds her smartly.

As the complexity of the run rises, you need to put a priority on raising the Sorceress’ health and regeneration ratings to keep her in the fight. Although they are particularly powerful against expert foes, it would be prudent to offer the sorceress skills that do damage to a large number of foes because her assault does not have the cone of effect that offensive characters like swordsmen do. A ring like the Necromancer’s Clutch would also be ideal for a Sorceress build, given her lower health rating, because it offers an extra pair of hands to help fend off the onslaught of Hell’s army.

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