Halls of Torment Build Guide

Halls of Torment is a bullet hell roguelike with some Diablo DNA. You kill hordes of enemies, gain XP to level up and pick stat and ability upgrades, and face powerful bosses.

Halls of Torment is a bullet hell roguelike where you fight hordes of enemies and choose between different stat upgrades. You can also unlock new heroes to play as and find perks to boost your damage.

You also get more powerful gear from item drops from enemies and the chests that drop after bosses. Some items provide simple stat bonuses, while others have livelier bonuses like leaving fiery footprints or adding splash damage.

Here are the best builds for the character classes:

1. Shieldmaiden

Halls of Torment shieldmaiden
Halls of Torment Build Guide 7

With a special attack that scales with Block Strength, the Shieldmaiden can take on many enemies at close range with relative ease. Damage traits like Radiant Aura and the ability to apply Burn to opponents with every strike are useful. 

Items like Elven Slippers, which increase Block Strength while moving, are recommended for this class.

The Shieldmaiden character has no main attack and scales with Block Strength.

The Shieldmaiden does not require any damage traits for her attack because she has a special attack that scales with Bock Strength.

Concentrating primarily on Block Strength, Critical Opportunity, and Critical Damage would be best.

Concentrate because the Shieldmaiden has a very high base critical damage bonus, which means she will deal massive damage to the enemy on a critical hit.

It would be best if you also increased your Attack Speed to execute your special attack more quickly.

2. Cleric

Halls of Torment cleric
Halls of Torment Build Guide 8

The Cleric is a tank character with a strong primary attack that divides damage to all enemies in range. Consequently, you should focus on damage and attack speed when picking traits.

The Cleric can also summon a protective firewall or strike enemies with lightning bolts. Both abilities can be improved with perks that increase their damage, duration, and area of effect.

Cleric attacks with a cone-shaped main weapon, similar to the Swordsman. It has very high base damage but is distributed among all targets hit.

Because the Cleric’s weapon deals damage to all enemies it hits, it’s critical to collect any bonus damage percentage that drops.

Its slow attack speed exacerbates this issue, so attack speed should be prioritized here as well.

As a result, pay special attention to special traits such as Weapon Proficiency.

Furthermore, it is up to you to increase or decrease the range in order to better focus the damage on specific opponents.

3. Warlock

Halls of Torment warlock
Halls of Torment Build Guide 9

When you enter the Halls of Torment, Mannimarco mocks Sai while a doppelganger attacks. Defeat the doppelganger to complete the encounter.

For this dungeon, the Warlock has high single-target damage potential with a variety of affix options. Its self-guided ghosts help evade crowds, but it falters against bosses and large hordes. Its best secondary damage is a crit, and it excels at AoE.

The Warlock’s most important trait is Attack Speed, which allows you to use your main weapon more frequently.

Simultaneously, other summoned units, which are discussed in greater detail later under Items, will last longer and ensure that your opponents are better decimated.

The Warlock’s special Weapon Proficiency traits are also very useful for increasing these stats.

In this manner, you ensure that your summoned units dispose of your opponents more effectively and automatically, and you no longer have to focus too much on them.

Because the Warlock has a crit bonus of 0%, your main weapon cannot deal with critical hits.

4. Archer

Halls of Torment archer
Halls of Torment Build Guide 10

The Archer character is a long-distance fighter whose attack can hit opponents from a long distance.

The Archer’s attack has a very long range, making it very effective against opponents at a distance.

Take advantage of this by shooting into as large a crowd of enemies as possible.

You can clear your path at a greater distance, even if you are surrounded by enemies.

5. Exterminator

Halls of Torment exterminator
Halls of Torment Build Guide 11

The Exterminator is a good pick for clearing runs and bosses because it can scale its main weapon damage to high levels through perks and its piercing attack. It’s weaker at secondaries, though, and lacks crit damage, so its build diversity suffers.

The Exterminator is a ranged fighter who begins with a flamethrower. He has the ability to hit multiple targets at once, triggering the Burn effect.

Because of its extremely fast attack speed, the Exterminator has the advantage of having a higher percentage of attack speed because it is always counted towards the base value.

Thus, even small amounts result in many more attacks per second, which means you can use the burn debuff on opponents more frequently, and they take more fire damage per tick.

Stats like Crit Damage on the main weapon, on the other hand, are very inefficient because they also count towards the base stat and are thus of little use.

6. Swordsman

Halls of Torment swordsman
Halls of Torment Build Guide 12

The Swordsman is a balanced hero class that does great damage with long-range and AoE attacks. He focuses on maximizing his damage through the use of weapon traits with high base values and a few unique ones.

His key characteristics for making the most of his attack are Area/Cone Size and Range. With these two traits, you ensure that your attack is more powerful and hits more enemies at a distance.

There is no perfect value for either; I mostly prioritized them as long as I was causing enough damage and could easily overrun large waves of enemies.

Damage is another important trait, as it is for most other characters. So you always do enough damage to destroy your opponents with a few hits and simply to have a faster attack so you can deal with agile opponents better.

A critical hit chance of 30-40% is also highly recommended (of course, more is always better, but that’s a good starting point). Then comes critical damage, which, in the end, can never be enough.

The range of the pickup should be at least 5-6 meters. So you can better collect experience from enemies killed further away and have a more enjoyable game flow.

The character’s high base defensive stats make it worthwhile to invest in, at least in part. The defense value should be in the 30% to 40% range. So that hits don’t cost you too much HP, and you can avoid dangerous situations.

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