Blood Trails in Halls of Torment

You can find all the information you need regarding blood trails in the Halls of Torment guide, including what they are, how to utilize them, and what rewards they offer. While moving around, you may notice a trail of blood on the ground. After a challenging boss battle, sticking with this path will reward you with an interesting item.

When traversing the Halls of Torment, players may notice trails of blood on the ground. When exploring the Haunted Caverns, you can find blood trails next to a Well. The Bloodstained Pages item, which describes how to use the Shrine and the Shrines themselves, can be found by following the blood trail.

More often, these blood trails will lead to Secret Shrines, which can be “charged” by killing enemies near them inside the marked circle, and by following them, Tokens of Pains can be found. Tokens of Pain are very important as they will help you to weaken the Lord of Pain, making him easier to defeat.

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Blood Trails in Halls of Torment 2

Where To Find Halls of Torment Blood Trails?

The first place you can find Blood Trails is the Haunted Caverns. In this area, you will see two blood trails on the floor. By following these blood trails, you will be able to locate two altars.

You can charge the shrine and get Tokens of Pain by killing enemies inside the circles surrounding the altars. After charging the two shrines, you will be able to significantly reduce the health of the Lord of Pain, making him much easier to defeat.

Another place where you can find Blood Trails in Halls of Torment is in the Titan Head. After talking to the Titan, you will be able to see a path that has a thin blood trail on it. By walking on this path, you will be able to meet Cassandra. You can learn about the history of the area and about soul forges from Cassandra.

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