Best Halls of Torment Blessings

While you slay hordes of terrifying monsters, where the lords of the underworld await in Halls of Torment, there are Blessings to boost your performance. Here is what you need to know about Halls of Torment Blessings:

In the game Halls of Torment, players explore the treacherous terrain of the Halls of Torment and create their own characters. The game takes inspiration from classic 90s RPGs and offers a variety of weapons and special abilities to defeat enemies. Halls of Torment Blessings system is a key component, providing players with various enhancements to improve their performance.

However, with so many Blessings to choose from, players may struggle to determine which ones to choose for their unique playthrough. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the top must-have Blessings in Halls of Torment.

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Players can use Revives Blessing to revive once when they visit the Halls. Each upgrade allows players to revive one additional time, with the maximum upgrade allowing for two revives per gameplay session.

This feature allows players to progress further in their playthrough, especially considering the game’s challenging levels as players stay in the Halls. The ability to continue playing after accidents or being overwhelmed by mobs is a valuable benefit compared to other buffs.


The Damage Blessing is highly beneficial for characters that rely on dealing damage, such as the Swordsman. These characters may not always have the advantage of attack range and size.

As players upgrade their Damage, they receive a 10% increase in overall attack damage dealt to enemies. This boost compensates for the lack of range, as defeating foes with greater numbers provides players with more opportunities to redirect attacks towards unreachable opponents.

To unlock this Blessing, a Swordsman must complete the “Strong Arms” quest in the “Story: Path of the Sword” game, which requires them to acquire the Strength 4 trait in a single run.

Best Halls of Torment Blessings Lawod ss
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Health Regeneration

By obtaining the Health Regeneration Blessing, players can increase their chances of survival by enhancing their passive regeneration. This particular Blessing can increase health regeneration by +0.15/s for every level up, which translates to a permanent +0.75/s boost when Health Regeneration is maxed out. This is particularly advantageous in the long run, especially for tanky characters such as the Swordsman who can have a maximum of 500 HP.

Players can unlock this Blessing easily by completing the “Thirsty” Milestone, which requires them to consume 10 Health Potions using any character.

Attack Speed

Players can improve their attack speed with the Attack Speed feature, allowing them to strike enemies before being hit. Each upgrade to Attack Speed increases the player’s base attack speed by 6%, which is beneficial at any level of the game. Faster attacks lead to higher damage per second (DPS). To unlock this feature, players must complete the “Breathless” Quest under “Story: Swift as an Arrow.” This quest requires players to obtain the Quick Hands 4 trait in a single run with the Archer.

Pickup Range

By using Pickup Range, players can increase their base pickup range by 20%. This means that they can collect loot without having to get too close to it. While this may not enhance a player’s overall stats, it can be advantageous when they are faced with a large number of enemies. With Pickup Range, players can attain essential items without having to risk their lives by venturing deep into enemy territory. They can benefit from drops even from a distance.

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Attack Range

The Attack Range Blessing is particularly helpful for classes that rely on close combat, such as the Swordsman. With this Blessing, players can hit enemies more frequently. Additionally, classes like the Ranger and Exterminator can use this Blessing to attack bosses and elites before they become a threat to the player.

Each level of the Attack Range Blessing provides a permanent 8% increase to all attacks and abilities used against enemies. When combined with a larger attack area or projectile size, players can strike multiple opponents from a distance with just a few hits. It’s worth noting that this Blessing can be unlocked without any prior achievements.

Area/Projectile Size

When players purchase the Area/Projectile Size upgrade, their base attacks can reach more enemies as they get an 8% boost to the size of their projectiles and AOE attacks. This upgrade has a significant impact on the player’s playthrough, as the larger attacks can spread more damage across multiple foes and enable faster kills.


Players can increase the duration of their attacks and abilities by using the Duration Blessing. Each level of Duration enhances the duration of these attacks and abilities by 6%.

To unlock this Blessing, players must complete the “Longliving” Quest in the “Story: Demonic Pact” as a Warlock. To complete this quest, players must acquire the Channeling 5 trait in a single match.

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Gold Gain

Unlocking perks in a similar manner to management sims, Gold Gain is a helpful feature that can assist players in accumulating wealth at a faster rate. With the Gold Gain Blessing, players can increase their riches in every run. Each rank in Gold Gain provides a 10% flat boost in the amount of Gold discovered.

To obtain this Blessing, players must meet the “Elite Slayer 1” Milestone by defeating 50 Elite enemies, regardless of their class.

Movement Speed

By using the Movement Speed Blessing, players can temporarily retreat to safe ground and avoid enemy hordes, potentially saving their lives. Upgrading Movement Speed grants a permanent 6% boost to a player’s base movement speed, and it doesn’t require any prerequisites like other Blessings. This means players can choose to upgrade Movement Speed right away when they visit the Shrine.

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