Helldivers 2 Best Weapons and Tier List

Unlock the best Helldivers 2 weapons for victory! Explore top-tier arsenals & tips for every player. Perfect your combat strategy.

Helldivers 2 is a game where the fate of the galaxy is at stake. Choosing the right weapon is crucial for survival, as players must defend humanity from alien forces. This guide will help you navigate through the arsenal of weapons available in the game by providing an in-depth analysis of each one. 

In Helldivers 2, strategic choices and weapon proficiency are important to the survival of humanity. This guide delves into the best weapons Helldivers 2 offers, ranking them according to their effectiveness on the battlefield. From the precision of energy-based rifles to the brute force of shotguns, each weapon serves a unique role in the Helldivers’ arsenal.

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What is the Best Weapon in Helldivers 2?

The Railgun is the most powerful weapon in Helldivers 2. It’s great for killing a single target and can go through armor with ease. It can’t kill bosses in one shot, but it comes close, especially if you put it in Unsafe Mode. However, it’s only available to players who are at level 20, unless they’re lucky enough to find it in the game world.

The Railgun takes a few seconds to charge before firing, and you need to reload it after each shot. But reloading is quick, and it has plenty of ammo. Some players choose to use it as their main weapon, only firing at the biggest threats and occasionally resupplying while their teammates handle the weaker enemies.

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Helldivers 2 Weapons Tier List

S Tier

  • Railgun: A devastating single-shot weapon that requires charging before each shot and can be overcharged unsafely. 
  • Breaker: The only good shotgun variant, one that mows down opponents at a decent range. Great for hordes. 
  • Stalwart: A versatile and powerful machine gun that clears smaller enemies effectively.

A Tier

  • Liberator: A standard starting assault rifle that works in almost any situation. 
  • Machine Gun (Stratagem): A heavier, slower, deadlier version of the Stalwart that packs a punch. 
  • Spray and Pray Breaker: A Breaker variant that ups the fire rate for a lower damage per-shot. Still great, but the per-shot damage is more helpful. 
  • Spear (Stratagem): An anti-armor rocket launcher that is very specialized, but very deadly against heavily-armored Automaton enemies such as Helldivers 2 Tanks and dropships. 
  • Anti-Materiel Rifle (Stratagem): A lethal sniper rifle that can be used to break armor and do distant damage without much struggle. A great low-level Railgun substitute. 
  • Autocannon (Stratagem): A powerful automatic cannon that’s what you buy if you can’t get the Railgun yet. Requires ammo feeding, like the Recoilless Rifle. 
  • Redeemer Pistol (Secondary): A fast-firing uzi that chews up ammo, but also enemies. 
  • Incendiary Breaker: A version of the Breaker that’s more specialized against bugs and unarmored enemies at the cost of robot effectiveness. 
  • Grenade Launcher (Stratagem): A high-capacity grenade launcher that’s very good against medium-tier enemies and can be used to destroy nests and fabricators. 
  • Scorcher: A good energy weapon that blows up robot armor especially well. 
  • High Explosive (Grenade): The starting grenade is ultimately the best one – the small blast radius compensated for by high damage and some armor penetration.

B Tier

  • Diligence: A solid ranged rifle that’s good for precision damage on robot enemies. 
  • Diligence Counter Sniper: A bigger, punchier version of the Diligence that doubles down on its strengths but requires a stable firing position. 
  • Recoilless Rifle (Stratagem): A rocket launcher that excels when coordinating with an ally and having them rapidly feed you rockets. 
  • Knight: A quick SMG with a very high fire rate and one-handed option. Eats through ammo quickly but lethal at close range. 
  • Flamethrower (Stratagem): Really good against bugs and area denial, but short range and somewhat situational. 
  • Expendable Anti-Tank (Stratagem): A decent way to clear armored enemies in a hurry, but the Recoilless is better. Benefits from an extremely short cooldown so can be called in more frequently than any other support weapon Stratagem. 
  • Laser Cannon (Stratagem): A beam laser that cooks robots and doesn’t use ammo. Could be stronger. 
  • Senator Pistol (Secondary): A heavy revolver that preserves ammo well, but does less damage than you’d hope and requires frequent reloading. 
  • Defender: An SMG that can be used one-handed. Decent against close hordes or as a quick response. 
  • Incendiary (Grenade): A firebomb used for area denial. Decent in extractions or defense missions. 
  • Impact (Grenade): A zero-fuse explosive that’s suited for precision blasts, but can’t be used as effectively on bug holes or bot factories.

C Tier

  • Peacemaker Pistol (Secondary): A serviceable starting pistol that’s fine in a pinch, with balanced stats. 
  • Scythe: A recharging, accurate laser that’s serviceable against robots but not great against bugs. 
  • Frag (Grenade): An explosive that trades power for blast size. Suited for clearing groups. 
  • Arc Thrower (Stratagem): A charging lightning gun that preserves ammo and leaps between enemies, but doesn’t hurt them much and can easily hit allies. 
  • Penetrating Liberator: The starting gun but with slightly worse stats, balanced by light armor penetration. A bit meh, frankly. 
  • Smoke (Grenade): A smoke grenade used for escaping enemies – something that rarely is a focus on Helldivers 2. 
  • Explosive Liberator: An unremarkable explosive version of the standard AR that doesn’t really live up to the promise and is functional at best. 
  • Dominator: A slow, impactful AR with armor penetration – but limited power.

D Tier

  • Punisher: A slow shotgun that’s too situational and weak to account for the lacking fire rate. The Breaker is far better, and so this gun can be safely ignored. 
  • Slugger: A shotgun somehow even worse than the Punisher, the Slugger is good for pressing into enemies’ vulnerable spots and pulling the trigger, and little else.
Helldivers 2 Best Weapons and Tier List Lawod ss
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How Do You Get Guns in Helldivers 2?

Unlocking weapons in Helldivers 2 typically involves progressing through the game and earning Medals, which can then be exchanged for weapons in the “Acquisitions” menu under the Helldivers Mobilize Warbonds progression​​. This system encourages you to engage with various aspects of the game, from completing missions to participating in the global conflict to expand your arsenal.

In Helldivers 2, players level up by gaining XP and unlock new weapons by using Medals to buy Warbonds. You can view Warbonds and their associated weapons in the “Acquisitions” menu on your ship. The cost of weapons varies, and the cost of all items increases on each page of a Warbond. Any weapons you unlock from a Warbond go directly to your Armory on your ship and can be equipped for missions.

Every player starts with the Liberator assault riflePeacemaker pistol, and High Explosive grenade, along with the “Helldivers Mobilize!” Warbond.

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