No Players Online – Don’t Put The VHS Into The Player

If you enjoy horror and first-player shooting games, here is a game you may like, No Players Online! Despite it stating online in its name, the game is an offline game. However, we assure you that it is going to scare you a lot and make you panic most of the time.

No Players Online is a horror indie game that is underestimated, we believe. Both the gameplay and concept of the game are unique. The fact that you are being chased by a ghost always puts pressure on you while playing it. After all, it creates an amazing atmosphere, especially for those who love horror and thriller games.

No Players Online Overview

No Players Online is an indie game that was developed by only three people. Adam Pype is the developer of the game, Victor Kraus recorded and edited the sounds of the game, and Ward Dheer was responsible for the art. The game was released on on November 5, 2019.

The gameplay of No Players Online is highly straightforward. You have two options to choose from while playing the game. It all starts when you find an old VHS tape that includes some footage. Later on, you find yourself in a video game!

Your goal is to capture the flag and take it to the target location. However, this is not easy at all. Because a ghost will be chasing you all the time, and you don’t have time to take a break for anything. Whenever you want to use your gun, it doesn’t work, and you are going to watch the footage.

Where can I find no players online?

No Players Online was created by Adam Pype & Viktor Kraus and is available on the best indie game platform, The game supports only Windows PCs and Linux PCs. Even though the game is available free of charge, it would be excellent to support these guys for their great effort.

Is no players online a horror game?

Actually, No Players Online is combining multiple genres in it. Thus, we can’t say that it is a pure horror game. Besides being a horror game, it also has FPS and Narrative genres in it.

No Players Online Editor Rating: 4.5/5

We believe No Players Online will appeal to all horror game lovers. In fact, we believe that most of you will quit playing the game from time to time. It puts a lot of pressure on the users with its thrilling sound effects, music, and graphics.

If you play this game in the dark and on your own, we believe you are going to have more fun! However, make sure that you are ready to be scared!

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