Immortality Ending – How Do You Complete Immortality?

Immortality is a game that wants to be more than just a video game. Its narrative unravels like a film reel and is steeped in cinematic production. This article covers the details of Immortality's ending.

Immortality is one of the year’s most praised indie games, but its hands-off approach has left many players confused about the ending of Immortality. In the game, you play a recognizable actress who has mysteriously vanished from the public eye after starring in three unreleased films. So how do you complete Immortality? The answer to this question is based on Marissa Marcel‘s disappearance story.

You need to unlock footage from her movies to piece together the real story behind Marissa Marcel’s disappearance. That means unearthing clips from Ambrosio, Minsky, and Two of Everything.

It also helps to pay close attention to the order in which clips appear. For instance, the first clip you encounter is a talk show interview with Marissa about her role in Ambrosio. This is the first of a series of clips that reveal the story of Marissa and her disappearance.

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Immortality Ending - How Do You Complete Immortality? 2

Immortality True Ending

There’s a lot of information to absorb in Immortality, and you can quickly become overwhelmed if you don’t make an effort to digest it all. That’s why you need to take your time and carefully delve into the game’s underlying story.

Eventually, you’ll reach a point where the layers of Immortality begin to peel away and reveal the true story of Marissa. You’ll have to decide what this secret means for you at that point – and it’s a big decision.

Once you’ve decided what this secret is, you’ll need to scout out the ten special clips that are stashed away within Ambrosio, Minsky, or Two of Everything. Then, you’ll need to match-cut all of these clips and thread together the real story behind Marissa’s disappearance. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have completed Immortality and will be able to watch its true ending.

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