Immortality Game Cast

Immortality has a unique storyline that’s unlike anything you’ve seen in a video game. It’s about a reclusive actress named Marissa Marcel, who was sexually assaulted by German soldiers, and her life took a downward turn. After the war, she disappeared from the public eye but returned in the late ’90s. Marissa Marcel is not the only character from the Immortality game cast, obviously. There are many other interesting characters in the game as well.

If you’re a fan of cinema, you’re sure to enjoy the new interactive film game, Immortality. Featuring live-action gameplay, non-linear storytelling, and an intriguing mystery, this game deconstructs the myth of the auteur and asks what the purpose of films is.

Immortality Actors List
Immortality Game Cast 2

Immortality Actors List

Barlow’s Immortality is an interactive movie, meaning you should click on objects and pieces of footage to reconstruct the film. Your choices determine what happens to the characters and their fates. Fortunately, the end result is quite a compelling experience.

The cast is impressive, but there’s not much outside the game. In addition to Manon Gage, Miles Szanto, Hans Christopher, Jascha Slesers, and Ty Molbak, you’ll find actors and actresses from other works. Here is the full list of Immortality cast:

  • Manon Gage as Marissa Marcel
  • Hans Christopher as John Durick
  • John Earl Robinson as Arthur Fischer
  • Cesar D’ La Torre as Fabio 2nd Camera Assistant
  • Jocelin Donahue as Amy Archer
  • Charlotta Mohlin as The One
  • Timothy Lee Depriest as The Other
  • Ty Molbak as Carl Greenwood
  • Katarina Morhacova as Diane Willis
  • Michael Otis as Andrew Hessenberg
  • Jascha Slesers as Sofia Morgana
  • Brooke Anne Smith as Agnes/Jane Smith
  • Justin Sorvillo as Artist
  • Miles Szanto as Robert Jones
  • Daniel V. Graulau as Detective Walker

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