Immortality Ending Stuck

Immortality is an immersive horror experience that sees you rummaging through an array of video clips across three fictitious films. However, the ending can be a little bit tricky for many players. Here is how to get to the ending in Immortality.

In Immortality, you play as Marissa Marcel, a model-turned-actress who disappeared without a trace after filming three films that were never released. The game gives players access to full-motion video recordings of these movies and previous interview footage to help them uncover Marissa’s mysterious story. You must scrub through the footage to uncover Marissa’s fate. The non-linear gameplay makes it difficult to follow at first, but as you progress and sift through the footage, you’ll slowly piece together Marissa’s mysterious story.

The end of the story features a huge twist, and you need to know what this is before you can go any further in the game. You can see this ending if you’ve completed the game and clicked on all the clapperboards and hidden clips in the game. But you can also finish the game and still not get this ending if you haven’t unlocked the required secondary power. The immortality achievement is one of the most difficult ones in the game, and it’s possible that the game doesn’t allow you to unlock it if you don’t have a certain required power.

This kind of ending can be frustrating and painful, as it involves surviving events that would normally kill an ordinary person. It can also be difficult to deal with if you’re unfamiliar with the game’s story or characters.

How to Solve the Mystery in Immortality
Immortality Ending Stuck 2

How to Solve the Mystery in Immortality?

In order to solve the mystery, you’ll need to match up video clips from the unseen films Ambrosio (1969), Minsky (1970), and Two of Everything (1999) with the ones you see on screen. This involves sifting through footage of each film to uncover a series of scenes that will clue you in on the story behind Marissa’s disappearance. However, it isn’t always easy to find all of the footage. Depending on what you’re looking for, it can take several searches to unearth all of the hidden videos in Immortality.

  • The best way to speed up your search is to look first for unique props, crew members, and main cast members’ faces. These clips are easier to find as they are more likely to be displayed in multiple scenes than others.
  • Another cool trick is to reverse the clips, such as in the altered table read clip from Two of Everything where Marissa carries her dying Sofia. This allows you to see the immortal’s form, which is actually a moving image of Marissa herself. This is an incredibly mind-blowing moment that will leave you speechless. It’s also a great example of the many different ways you can play Immortality.

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