What Happened to Marissa Marcel in Immortality?

Immortality is an ingenious, layered game about actress Marissa Marcel. The final goal of Sam Barlow's Immortality is to discover what happened to Marissa Marcel, and there is an achievement associated with it.

Marissa Marcel is the main protagonist in Immortality, and she made two movies in the late ’60s and early ’70s (Ambrosio and Minsky) that were never released before vanishing from public life. She reappeared in the late ’90s to make one final film (Two of Everything), which was also not released and disappeared again. 

In Immortality, you must piece together what happened in these films and why none were ever released by piecing together lost footage from each movie. Ultimately, you must decipher what happened to Marissa Marcel by playing all the clips you’ve collected so far and deciphering what happens in the last one that occurs on September 25, 1999. It’s disturbing, if not downright gruesome, ending to a dense, layered game that is both thrilling and engrossing. Before finding out what happened to her, let’s get to know Marissa Marcel a little more.

What Really Happened to Marissa Marcel?

Marissa Marcel is an actress who was plucked from small-time commercial modeling by an aging director. She has an impressive three-decade career, starring in a range of films. However, none of her big-budget productions were able to make it to release.

Throughout her career, Marissa has been plagued by unforeseen accidents that have derailed her acting career. Whether through directorial decisions, stolen film negatives, or shockingly unfortunate accidents involving actors’ deaths on-set, it seems like Marissa has been cursed in some way.

The mystery surrounding Marissa‘s untimely demise is one of the driving forces behind Immortality, a game that explores what happened to her between three unreleased movies. The premise is simple: clicking on objects in each of these movies can uncover snippets that shed light on Marissa’s story.

Once you’ve watched enough clips, you’ll eventually discover that Marissa is possessed by a creature called The One. It’s a parasitic entity that has been around for thousands of years, but it wants to explore the extremities of humanity: sex, violence, and art.

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What Happened to Marissa Marcel in Immortality? 2

What Happened to Marissa Marcel Achievement

Activating the Image Mode displays a cursor that gamers may use to click on pretty much anything on-screen. Users can click on an object, an actor’s face, or anything else, and the match-cut feature will transport viewers to an entirely other scene that has the same actor or object.

Immortality appears to have an algorithm at work, therefore there is never a fully surefire route to move from point A to point B. But, there are specific items Immortality players will want to click on in order to get to this scene with Marissa Marcel. They can click on Marissa’s face and might end up in this last scenario. Alternatively, they can narrow it down by clicking on items like stage lights or fire.

With enough clicking, Immortality gamers will arrive at the moment in question and be able to see it unfold. Amy Archer, in addition to Marissa Marcel, is present in the scenario, however properly understanding what’s going on would require a lot more investigating on the part of the player. In any case, knowing what the scene looks like should go a long way toward assisting more gamers in completing Immortality and unlocking its accompanying achievements.

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