Inventory Management Roguelike, Backpack Hero Launched on Kickstarter

These days, we have seen so many great games that have just started to be funded on Kickstarter. We are here to introduce a new funding project that was recently launched on the platform, Backpack Hero. The project reached its first two goals, and it will be released on time.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing pixel art, turn-based adventure game, then this guide is for you. We have covered everything you might want to learn about Backpack Hero and its Kickstarter project in the following sections.

What Is Backpack Hero?

Backpack Hero is an indie game that was initially released on and received more than 300K views on the platform. As of today, it is one of the most popular roguelike games on the platform. It attracts attention with its pixel art graphics and turn-based combat system.

The game was developed by TheJaspel, who has developed plenty of games and published them online. Recently, TheJaspelGangsRobin, and Binary Counter have teamed up to establish their own gaming studio. The team is working on Backpack Hero together to make it even better. You can also try the game’s playable demo in your browser for free before funding the game.

Backpack Hero Overview

Despite Backpack Hero standing out with its roguelike and turn-based combat mechanics, the game has attractive pixel art too. However, what makes Backpack Hero great is its inventory management. Players will collect rare items and organize their backpacks very well.

The game takes place in a world called “Orderia,” and chaos is ruling this world now. You will need to explore this world, discover ancient treasures, and free the world from chaos to bring peace again. However, this will be a challenging task since you will encounter numerous creatures and enemies.

Inventory management is a crucial skill to be successful in Backpack Hero. You have to place or reorganize your items very well to make sure that you are going to carry as many items as you can with you. It is possible to expand your bag by one slot whenever you level up. In other words, you will get better and stronger as you level up.

Of course, inventory management is not the only important mechanic in the game. Players will visit and explore swamps, caves, dungeons, and much more. Besides encountering plenty of dangerous enemies, you will also be able to make friends in the game.

Players also have to invest in their town and upgrade structures. Your main goal is to set free as many animals as you can and provide them with a living habitat in your town.

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What Does Backpack Hero Offer to Its Supporters?

Just like most projects, Backpack Hero also offers plenty of advantages and perks to its supporters to encourage people to support the project. Every supporter will receive a special role on the Discord server of the game. Moreover, your name will be displayed on the credits page under the special thanks section.

The game will be launched on Steam, and every supporter will receive a free digital copy of Backpack Hero. Moreover, you will also enjoy privileged early access to the game. Is that all? Of course not! You will also receive unique outfits and different backpack color options in the game.

In addition to all these benefits, you will also receive a digital art book that will include the characters in the game, music, and game design notes. It is worth noting that the developers are planning to launch the game in April 2023.

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