Is Tunic the Best Game Released in 2022?

Tunic is an action-adventure game developed by Canadian indie developer Andrew Shouldice. Do you think it could be the best game released in 2022?

Be ready for The Adventures of the Fox: Prepare to Die Edition. Well, it’s not the game’s name. But this is the best way to summarize Tunic with a title. Tunic has a gorgeous world with reckless enemies and encrypted writings. Gradually, you will get stronger and, literally, explore its story. We have a playthrough on our Youtube channel. Make sure to check it out first. And now, assuming you are back from watching it, let’s begin our review:

TUNIC is an action-adventure game with an isometric view and Soulslike gameplay. It heavily reminds us of the first Zelda games, which gives us nostalgia through the playthrough. It was released on the 16th of March this year. The game was developed by the TUNIC Team and published by Finji. We can easily say how dedicated they are by reading the developer team’s name. It has a decent story overall. We aren’t exactly sure what it says entirely. You will understand what we mean at a later point. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t shine very much on its story. But the gameplay is where it blinds you with its shine.

“This is where the fun begins,” Skywalker says these words when he rushes into chaos. In Tunic, you will face countless enemies with various abilities and incredible boss fights. Not as chaotic as flying in space. But the game shows an unexpected difficulty with its basic gameplay. You will have, basically, three ways to attack. With your almighty sword, your magic, or DYNAMITE! There are no variations in weapons. You will need to prepare a strategy for each type of enemy. The game balanced it quite well. You might get frustrated at first. But when you get used to it, you will love it. 

Besides its action, the Tunic doesn’t really explain itself. Yes, it occasionally helps with translations and gameplay tips. Overall, you will need to figure out your way through. There will be checkpoints for you to save and reset the world. 

Also, death will have penalties. With its Soulslike combat and general gameplay, losing your valuables on death isn’t surprising. You have a chance to retrieve it if you are brave enough to go all the way back. 

Tunic has a level design that will challenge you at every step. It has simple but pretty visuals that you might not recognize while dealing with monsters. Even if you finish the game, there will be a place you either missed or couldn’t go to at some point. As you progress, you will unlock new abilities that will open the doors you left behind. Also, the puzzles in the game are entertaining and challenging as well.

Even if you die over and over again, you won’t get bored of this game (okay, maybe at some point you might). You will always have more monsters to kill, more mysteries to solve, and puzzles to figure out. 

Is Tunic the Best Game Released in 2022? lawod ss
Is Tunic the Best Game Released in 2022? 2

The TUNIC Team has done an amazing game. Besides all the aspects we pointed out, the game has a beautiful soundtrack. At first glance, being a fox with magic and a sword didn’t sound appealing or fun. When you start to play Tunic, learn its world, explore its nature, and slash your sword, you will find yourself sucked into its world. For us, yes, it is one of the best games released in 2022. You can take this as an answer to our title.

Tunic is Available for PCs and Xbox

You can find The Adventures of The Fox: Prepare to Die Edition, as we call it, on Steam and Epic Games for $29,99. It is also available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on Xbox Store. Let us know what you think about Tunic. Comment down below.

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