Juice Galaxy

If you are looking for a weird yet fun game to spend quality time on, we can recommend Juice Galaxy. In fact, the name of the game is Juice World. It was launched by Fishlicka on March 19, 2020, as a demo and used to be known as Juice Galaxy. As the game received much positive feedback, the developer decided to launch a complete game on Steam soon.

Today, there is still no announcement about its official release date. However, you can play the demo version for free on itch.io. Juice Galaxy has a fun concept, where you need to run around, drink juice to get stronger, and smash everything you find!

Juice Galaxy In A Nutshell

Juice Galaxy is a fun indie game that will help you to get rid of your daily stress. You are going to control a surrealistic 3D adventure game with a 3rd person camera perspective. You should check your energy bar to perform different attacks. Moreover, you can find various weapon types to smash anything that will get closer to you.

The best part of the game is you can fly. Although your flying ability is limited, it still offers a great deal of fun. All you need to do is press the spacebar. You need to explore the map and find things to smash. Without a doubt, it will provide great relief to you. Players can also find bosses to enjoy progression in the story of the game.


Is Juice Galaxy on Steam?

Juice Galaxy is a surrealistic adventure indie game developed by Fishlicka. The game has been available on itch.io since its initial release date. And the game is still in the development phase, which means we’ll not see the game on Steam until it’s fully developed. But, you can still download the demo of Juice Galaxy on itch.io for free.

Should I Play Juice Galaxy?

Today, most games put stress on players. We often do not even notice that we are stressed while playing certain games. On the other hand, the game is totally unique. Instead of putting stress on your shoulders, it will help you to get rid of stress.

As you can follow the storyline, you can always explore the map on your own page, look out for bosses and smash everything that will be in your sight. The game is only available on PC for now, and the full version has not been released yet. However, we believe that Juice Galaxy still offers plenty of fun to players of all ages.

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