Karlson – The Game That Brings FPS, Parkour, Slowmotion, and Milk Together

Karlson is an FPS game that includes parkour moves with slow-motion. Dani, the game’s developer, describes Karlson as a mad milkman determined to smash everything that gets in his way to get his favorite beverage, milk. So, will you be able to help Karlson get the milk?

Karlson Trailer

The Karlson game is expected to arrive on Steam soon. It is now available to add the game to your wishlist on Steam. You can watch the trailer of the game released on Steam below. If you want to watch more videos about the game, you can check out the game’s developer Dani’s youtube channel.

Karlson in a Nutshell

Karlson is a first-person shooter indie game developed by Dani. The developer says he has developed the game to prove he can make a 3D game after reading a comment that says, “Why you don’t try to make a 3D game (or you can’t do that)”. Dani has explained the development process of the game in a two-part video on his youtube channel, and you can watch the first one below if you want. I should say that I definitely liked his videos and his works, so I advise you to subscribe to his youtube channel.

Anyway, let’s come to the milkman. In the game, there are several maps that you can seek and find the milk. You are starting to game by choosing a map. You should play the tutorial map before the actual maps to understand how the game work.

You are playing the game with the keyboard and mouse. You are using WASD and mouse to move our milkman around, E to grab a weapon, Q to release the gun, and the left click to the shooting. In the game, there are different walls or obstacles in different colors. You can run fast on the red one, you can jump higher on the yellow one, and you can walk normally on the dark blue one.

Karlson – The Game That Brings FPS, Parkour, Slowmotion, and Milk Together 2

Karlson is now available to be added to your wish list on Steam. You can find more information about that in our dedicated article, Karlson Download. Stay tuned to Lawod to find more content like this and many other games.

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