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Locked in My Darkness coming out on December 9! Before add it to your library, check out Lawod's Locked in My Darkness preview.

After playing through the Locked In My Darkness demo, I am excited about this upcoming indie horror game. Visuals, cryptic messages, and jump scare… So far, the game seems fun. But we have to wait just a little longer for the full release. Without further ado, let’s talk about what this game is about.

So, as you might have guessed from the name, Locked In My Darkness is a psychological horror game. You play in a complex apartment and try to find out what the hell is happening.

Locked In My Darkness is being created by the Blusagi Team, and it is their first horror title so far. I must say, they are doing a great job so far. From what I saw in the demo, I can say that I can’t wait to play the entire game. 

Even though I hate spoiling games (especially horror ones), I need to talk about the demo. There are a few things I want to mention. So, if you want to experience the game without any warnings, you can skip this section.

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I woke up in a foggy area, started walking around to see where I was, and eventually found out that I should have turned my back and checked the door. Well, I couldn’t open the door (because, of course, WE DON’T HAVE THE KEY). I walked around a little bit and checked out some hot stores along the way. After some searching, I found a note that warns me. Later, I saw some friends having a lovely dinner together, so I didn’t disturb them. Then I found the key (with a surprise) and went into my apartment. 

That was it. Well, this could sound boring (and it took me 15 minutes to play the whole demo), but there are gaming elements I enjoyed throughout.

First of all, the sound in the game (sound effects and the annoying soundtrack that plays) is quite disturbing, in a good way. In psychological horror, the player should feel the constant tension. Locked In My Darkness is a game that can create this tension with its sounds, surroundings, or story. 

So far, Locked In My Darkness has a chaotic map. The red color palette and the foggy map keep the uncertainty at high levels. 

For the story, we have so little. The developers didn’t give us many details in the demo, so all we can do is speculate. But I have a feeling that hallucinations or dreams might play a big part in the game. Like, we might see some crazy stuff, but these won’t be all real. Even if I am wrong, a surprise is always welcome, especially in horror titles.

Locked in My Darkness Lawod ss
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Locked In My Darkness is an indie horror I can’t wait to play. I only took a small bite, which was enough to get my attention. What are your thoughts and feelings about this upcoming indie horror? Let us know in the comment section.

Lastly, we know that Locked In My Darkness will be released on December 9, 2022, on Steam. A newly released indie horror and cold, wind-blowing weather? What could be better for playing a horror game, right?

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