Marble Marcher – A Fractal Physics Game

Marble Marcher is an indie game with fractal physics. It has amazing visuals and twenty-four real-time ray-traced levels. Well, rolling marbles on the surface of evolving fractals could be fun if you like fractals and marbles.

Marble Marcher Overview

Marble Marcher is an indie game where you are rolling marble on the surface of evolving fractals. Your aim in this game is to roll your marble to the finish point as quickly as possible.

There are 24 real-time ray-traced levels in the game. Due to the open-source nature of the game, it is possible to find more playable levels developed by the community. So, further developments can be found with Marble Marcher Community Edition, even though the game is no longer updated.

Although the game is a small indie game that offers 30-40 minutes of playtime, it requires dedicated GPU performance to run it without lag. Hence, if you have a PC with an older GPU, you should run the game at the lowest resolutions.

Marble Marcher Download

Initially released in 2019, Marble Marcher is still available on for free. However, as we mentioned before, the game is no longer updated.

CodeParade is the official developer of the game, and the latest version of the official Marble Marcher features 24 playable levels. If you are looking for more levels, you can look at the Marble Marcher Community Edition of the game.

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