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Matt Mod FNF is another successful Friday Night Funkin mod that has reached over 300k downloads. As you guess from the name of this mod, you’ll have a rhythm battle against Matt, the famous Mii character from the Wii series on Nintendo Wii

Friday Night Funkin is an indie game where you have rhythm battles against antagonists who are not cool with you dating your girlfriend. If you hear FNF for the first time, you can find more information about Friday Night Funkin on Lawod.


Matt is a famous Mii character from the Wii series on Nintendo Wii, and we can say that he is a spot lover such as boxing. Also, Matt’s voice sound effects come from Boxing Practice in Wii Sports. In this mod, two weeks are available with five songs.

In this mod, Matt seems to be carrying different items in each direction. For instance, a paddle appears in his right animation, a tennis racket appears in his left animation, a baseball appears in his downward animation, and boxing gloves appear in his up animation. Matt looks angrier with grey shading under his eyes in Matt Mod WiiK2. In addition to these, there is another point you may not notice is Girlfriend and Boyfriend don’t have arms but, they have only spheres hands like Matt.

Matt Mod FNF Songs

Matt Mod FNF includes five exclusive songs that you’ll really enjoy.

In the first WiiK of Matt Mod FNF, there are three songs as below:

  1. Light it Up, 
  2. Ruckus,
  3. Target Practice.

In the WiiK2 on FNF Matt Mod, there are two songs that have more notes than Foolhardy on Zardy Mod FNF. Both Sporting and Boxing Match have a note count of 1128 and 1108, respectively.

  1. Sporting, 
  2. Boxing Match

Matt Mod FNF No Download

Many mods developed for Friday Night Funkin can be playable without downloading them. Matt Mod FNF is also playable online. There are multiple websites where you can play Matt Mod without downloading it. Also, you can check the FNF Mods No Download article to learn how to play FNF mods without downloading them. Matt Mod is also playable on your browser without downloading it below.

Play FNF Matt Mod Online Fullscreen

Matt Mod FNF Download

Vs. Matt Mod is also downloadable on your PC if the original Friday Night Funkin is installed on your PC. Like many other FNF mod developers, Matt Mod FNF developer, Sulayre, uploaded the mods files on GameBanana. If you want to download FNF Matt Mod, you can check out the developer’s page on GameBanana.

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