Metal: Hellsinger Review

Metal: Hellsinger is a next-gen FPS that features intense first-person shooter gameplay. For those who long for the 90s FPS gore, here's what we think of this new action FPS in our post.

Metal: Hellsinger is a unique hybrid of first-person shooters and rhythm games. It has similarities with id Software’s DOOM games and offers a unique twist on the genre. Players can kill enemies and get higher scores by using a wide range of weapons and cruel ways to kill them.

Metal: Hellsinger is a rhythmic first-person slaughter-em-up FPS with a story that takes place in the dark corners of Hell. However, it’s not just a simple FPS game because the rhythmic part makes it unique.

For those who still live in the 90s extreme gore FPS world and want to see some good graphics, Metal: Hellsinger is the exact piece of fun they’re looking for.

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Is Metal: Hellsinger a Roguelike?

Metal: Hellsinger does not reflect the characteristics of a roguelike game. The game follows a stage-to-stage mechanic, meaning that you enter a stage filled with demons and slaughter them. Once you finish with them, you can enter the next level.

It may look like a dungeon-crawling game just because you’re rolling through the halls of hell, but it’s not. As we said above, finish your current stage to enter the next one.

Metal: Hellsinger Gameplay

If you’ve never played a Metal: Hellsinger game, you should know a few key tips to help you master the game. You’ll want to keep your fury as high as possible and ensure your attacks do as much damage as possible. Otherwise, you’ll start to wane and do less damage as your arcade-style point multiplier drains away. To help you stay on top of your game, you’ll also want to take advantage of the game’s combos.

Another important thing to remember when playing Metal: Hellsinger is its rhythmic shooting. In order to score points, you have to shoot enemies in time with rhythmic music. This helps you build up your score, and your weapon powers increase as the multiplier increases. Moreover, the game’s music gets more intense as you increase your fury multiplier. As you progress through the game, you’ll feel like you’re at a metal concert.

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Metal: Hellsinger Soundtrack

The game’s music is equally captivating. The melodic tunes are accompanied by powerful chords. The game’s music also introduces several layers of sound, which make the game’s gameplay much more challenging than many first-person shooters.

You can unlock different songs as you progress through the levels, which makes for a rich and varied soundtrack. The game’s vocals are also worth mentioning. While metal is a generally offensive genre, the vocals in Metal: Hellsinger are powerful.

The soundtrack in Metal: Hellsinger was composed by two feathers members, Elvira Bjorkman and Niklas Hjertberg. It features a stellar lineup of metal vocalists. Dino Medanhodzic plays lead guitar, Elvira Bjorkman plays bass, and Niclas Hjerkberg plays rhythm guitar. Adam Janzi, meanwhile, plays the drums. All in all, this game is a must-buy for fans of heavy metal music.

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Metal: Hellsinger Voice Actor

In Metal: Hellsinger, the voice acting is top-notch. The game casts Troy Baker as Paz, a talking skull that will help you advance. Paz is a vital character in the game’s plot, as it narrates your journey as you fight demons. Troy Baker brings a southern drawl to the character.

Troy Baker has done numerous roles in the past, and you may recognize him from The Last of Us, where he voices Joel Miller. He has also voiced Batman and the Joker in DC games, so he has a lot of experience in voice acting.

Is the Metal: Hellsinger Game Worth it?

Metal: Hellsinger is the game for you if you like extra gore and heavy metal. Consider buying a metal album; you will simply get a free game with it! This is an exact explanation of your situation.

You can’t expect the same top-action vibe you had while playing the last Doom game because it’s indie. However, if you have the spirit of a person who loved the 90s action-dos games, then you need to get Metal: Hellslinger ASAP.

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