Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Mobile is Available For IOS and Android

Poppy Playtime was so popular in the last months of 2021. It was nearly every big YouTuber playing it and getting millions of views. After its success on PC, MOB Games Studio released the mobile version of their first release, Poppy Playtime Chapter 1. Giving mobile gamers a chance to experience this nightmare fuel was special for horror games and Poppy Playtime lovers. The game has a price tag of $2.99, which is a relatively reasonable price considering the quality of the game. From the reviews and the store pages, here is all we know:

In the Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Mobile, everything is the same as with the PC version, but the only difference is the gameplay. The controls are well suited for mobile. But if you are not familiar with gaming on your phone, the gameplay might be difficult. Besides this, we think you will enjoy the horrors of Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 wherever you go.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Mobile Android version of the game was released on February 16th of this year. It has more than 100,000 downloads on the Google Play Store and is rated 4.3 at the time we are writing this review. The game is currently 585 MB and requires 5.0 and higher versions of Android.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Mobile iOS version was released back on March 8th, 2022. The game has 4.6 stars in the App Store. Even though you can play it on an iPhone, the game is designed for an iPad. For all playable Apple products, the game requires iOS 12.0 or higher. It is also double the download size of Android, with a 1.4 GB download size. 

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Mobile
Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Mobile is Available For IOS and Android 2

We hope you enjoy the game on smaller screens. Seeing more games released on mobile is very heartwarming. Everyone might not have the opportunity to play on a PC because not everyone has a PC or free time.

By the way, a sequel game to Poppy Playtime, titled Poppy Playtime Chapter 2: Fly in a Web, might be released at the end of this month. If you want to learn more about Poppy Playtime and get the latest news about the game, you can stay tuned to Lawod by adding our Chrome extension to your browser or by simply following us on social media.

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