Predecessor Carry (Ranger) Heroes

Among the Predecessor’s roster of characters, carry/ranger heroes hold a pivotal role in steering their team to victory with their high damage output and game-changing abilities. In this article, we will be exploring Predecessor carry heroes and their unique attributes and powers of characters like Wraith, Twinblast, Drongo, Revenant, Sparrow, Murdock, and the elusive Kira.

Each hero is designed with a distinct playstyle in mind, from Wraith‘s tactical warp abilities that outmaneuver opponents to Twinblast‘s rapid-fire combat prowess. Drongo‘s control over the battlefield with traps and ranged chaos, Revenant‘s duel-inducing capabilities, Sparrow‘s precise archery, Murdock‘s long-range justice, and Kira‘s deadly precision, all contribute to the rich tapestry of gameplay in Predecessor.

Wraith – Reconnaissance Operative

Redefine the rules of engagement with Wraith, a skilled recon specialist who uses his advanced surveillance tools. He is an expert-level carry/ranger hero with tactical warp abilities to outwit and outmaneuver his opponents.

With his special move, Back It Up, Wraith can choose an enemy hero he can see, located within a range of 1350 units, and mark their location from 2 seconds prior. In the first level of this move, there is a delay of 2.5 seconds before the marked enemy hero enters Limbo and is teleported back to the location where they were marked earlier.

Twinblast – The Walking Weapon

Twinblast is an advanced-level carry hero known for his agility and dual-wielded arsenal. He excels in rapid-fire combat, keeping himself agile with rocket dashes, making him an elusive target on the battlefield. His abilities include Gunslinger, Double Shot, Rocket Dash, Vaporize, Vortex Grenade, and the powerful ultimate Ventilate​​.

Ventilate is Twinblast’s ultimate ability, and it transforms your guns into fully automatic machine guns, unleashing a barrage of 22 bullets over 3 seconds. Each bullet deals 12 (+22% Total Attack Speed) physical damage.

Drongo – Junkyard Scrapper

Drongo Lawod ss edited
Predecessor Carry (Ranger) Heroes 3

Drongo is a beginner-level carry hero, recognized as a mad tinkerer ruling the wasteland. His arsenal includes explosive boomerangs and chemical warfare tactics, allowing him to control the battlefield with cunning traps and ranged chaos. His toolkit features abilities like Wastelander, Pistol Shot, Old Rusty, Gag Grenade, Rad Rounds, and the Shrapnel Cannon ultimate​​.

Drongo’s Shrapnel Cannon is the ultimate move that unleashes a powerful bazooka blast, dealing 200 (+85%) physical damage to all enemies within range. Additionally, the attack shreds the armor of affected enemies by 25% for a duration of 4 seconds. The blast also launches Drongo in the opposite direction, briefly granting him Crowd Control immunity while pushing back any enemies in front of him.

Revenant – The Bounty Hunter

Revenant is an expert-level ranger hero, an unholy marksman with a revolver that reaps the souls of his targets. He can duel enemies in otherworldly dimensions, making him a unique and formidable adversary. His skill set includes Bounty Hunter, Hand Cannon, Hellfire Rounds, Obliterate, Scar, and the ultimate Reckoning​​.

Revenant’s special move, Reckoning, pulls both himself and the target into the Nether Realm for 6 seconds. While there, he can root the target for 0.5 seconds and killing the opponent will double the bonus gold gained from Bounty Hunter.

Sparrow – Arrow Storm

Sparrow Lawod ss edited
Predecessor Carry (Ranger) Heroes 4

Meet Sparrow, a skilled ranger whose precise archery can take down enemies from afar. Sparrow is a beginner-level carry hero and is renowned for her exceptional bowmanship, piercing through enemy defenses from afar. Her abilities include Relentless, Bow Shot, Piercing Shot, Hail Of Arrows, Heightened Senses, and her ultimate, Inner Fire​​.

When Sparrow activates the Inner Fire ability, she calls upon a powerful spirit that enhances her Bow Shot attack. For the next 6 seconds, her Bow Shot unleashes three piercing arrows that fan out and deal damage to multiple targets. Additionally, Sparrow gains a 200-point increase to her attack range, 10 extra physical power, and a 5% boost to her movement speed. The arrows on either side of the main shot cause half the damage of the primary arrow.

Murdock – The Lawbringer Sniper

Murdock, a beginner-level carry hero, enforces justice with his long-range shots and traps. His skills, including Shots Fired, Single Fire, Buckshot, Static Trap, and the ultimate Long Arm Of The Law, bring a unique combination of precision and tactical advantage to any team​​.

Murdock’s ultimate ability is called Long Arm Of The Law. When Murdock uses this ability, he kneels down and charges up an energized sniper shot that has unlimited range and can penetrate through any obstacle. Once fired, the shot inflicts 200 (+110.00%) physical damage to all enemies in its path, without taking into account any physical armor they may have.

Kira – Shaadow Huntress

Kira is an advanced level ranger and fighter character in Predecessor. She is a highly skilled huntress and is capable of hunting her prey quietly. Kira can move quickly and attack with deadly accuracy, making her a valuable asset in the game. Players who want to slice through their opponents with speed and precision can use Kira’s unique abilities to gain new tactical advantages.

Kira has a special move called Purge. When you activate this move in Level 1, a lot of arrows and bullets will rain down for 3 seconds, causing nearby enemy units to take 200 (+360%) physical damage. You can also benefit from lifesteal, critical strikes, and on-hit effects, but they will only be 30% effective when you use this move. However, Kira won’t be able to attack or use any abilities except for Shadow Glide while Purge is active. She can move around, but her speed will be slowed down by 40%.

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