Predecessor Mage Heroes

Explore the Predecessor Mage Heroes and become a master of Gideon, Lt. Belica, and other mage characters with our essential guide.

Predecessor is a stunning and strategic video game where mage heroes take the lead in magical combat, utilizing extraordinary powers to shape the outcomes of battles. Players can choose from a diverse array of characters, ranging from beginner to advanced levels, each offering unique abilities that cater to different playstyles. This ensures that every player can find a mage that resonates with their approach to the game.

In this article, we delve into the mystical world of Predecessor mage heroes, highlighting notable mages such as GideonBelicaGadgetHowitzerMorigeshThe Fey, and the duo Iggy & Scorch. Each mage hero brings a unique set of abilities to the battlefield, such as Gideon’s reality-warping powers and Belica’s mana-draining capabilities. Gadget’s tech-based control tools, Howitzer’s explosive ordinance, Morigesh’s voodoo curses, The Fey’s nature-infused magic, and Iggy & Scorch’s fiery chaos add to the mix. So, join us as we explore the magical prowess of these Predecessor mage heroes and offer insights and strategies to enhance your gameplay.

Gideon – The Void Sorcerer

Gideon is a beginner-level mage hero who possesses cosmic abilities that allow him to warp reality. He is a formidable presence in the midlane, thanks to his ability to summon meteor showers and black holes. His arsenal includes Cosmic Power, Portal Blast, Void Breach, Cosmic Rift, Torn Space, and the ultimate Black Hole, which offer a mix of damage and crowd control capabilities.

One of Gideon’s most powerful abilities is the ultimate Black Hole. With this ability, Gideon can unleash a black hole beneath him that slowly drags nearby enemies toward its center, dealing 405 (+261%) magical damage over a 3.5-second channel.

Belica – The Tactical Enforcer

Lt. Belica Lawod ss edited
Predecessor Mage Heroes 3

Lt. Belica is an advanced-level mage hero who commands the battlefield with a range of ranged abilities. She specializes in turning her foes’ mana against them and delivering electrifying takedowns. Her skill set includes Innovation, Burst Fire, Void Bomb, Seismic Assault, Void Drone, and the ultimate Neural Disruptor, making her a versatile choice for midlane or support roles​​.

Lt. Belica’s sidearm has a weapon called Neural Disruptor that deals 170 (+40%) magical damage to an Enemy Hero when targeted. The damage inflicted on the enemy increases by 0.4 for every point of mana the target is missing. Additionally, the weapon’s range can be increased by 300 units through an Innovation.

Gadget – The Titan of Tech

Gadget Lawod ss edited
Predecessor Mage Heroes 4

Gadget, an advanced-level mage, dominates with her ingenious tech-based abilities. She can disrupt enemy lines and control the flow of the fight with her deployable tech. Her abilities include Shock Absorber, Spark, Seek And Destroy, Sticky Mine, Security Gate, and the ultimate Tesla Dome, perfect for players who enjoy a tactical playstyle​​.

Using Gadget’s Tesla Dome ability deals 500 (+150%) magical damage over 5s to all enemies caught within its range. Each instance of damage inflicted on the target reduces their magical armor by 5.00% for 3s and briefly slows them by 40%.

Howitzer – The Explosive Expert

Howitzer is an advanced-level mage hero with a focus on ranged siege capabilities. His explosive rockets and mines allow him to command the battlefield from a distance. His toolkit includes Armed Salvo, Cannon, Slow Grenades, R2000 Missile, Land Mine, and the ultimate Make It Rain, each skill providing strategic advantages in midlane battles​​.

Howitzer’s special ability is called Make It Rain. When he uses it, he rises up into the sky and can move around freely, while simultaneously launching a salvo of 16 missiles from above. These missiles are guided by lasers and will automatically home in on any target that Howitzer has painted. The ability deals 416 (+96%) magical damage over 3 seconds.

Morigesh – Voodoo Shaman

Morigesh is a beginner-level mage hero. You can cast curses with Morigesh, a voodoo witch whose haunting abilities mark her targets for relentless, inevitable doom. Her abilities include Pestilence, Dagger, Mark, Hive, Swarm, and her ultimate move Curve.

With Morigesh’s ultimate ability, Curve, you can summon a swarm of insects to stab the marked target. This deals 250 (+70%) magical damage after a brief channel, removing the mark.

The Fey – Nature’s Wrath

The Fey is an advanced-level midlane character. Entangle foes with The Fey, a nature sprite whose thorny summons and ensnaring vines blossom into a deadly dance, entrapping and enervating her prey. Her skill set includes Nature’s Vengeance, Floret, Untamed Growth, Bramble Patch, Harvest Nettles, and her ultimate move, Fly Trap. 

With Fly Trap, you can plant a magical seedling that will awaken a giant fly trap, causing it to attach itself to all nearby enemy heroes. After a short delay, it will pull its victims inward, dealing 200 (+60%) magical damage and stunning them for 1 second.

Iggy & Scorch – Pyromaniac Pair

With advanced-level offlane and midlane duo Iggy & Scorch, you can set the battlefield ablaze, a Hero pair who excel and crowd control and cause chaos! Iggy & Scorch’s ability set includes Badlands Critter, Spew, Molotov, Flame Turret, Oil Spill, and their ultimate move, Inferno.

In the special move of Iggy & Scorch called Inferno, Scorch unleashes a cone of flame that deals 300 (+150%) magical damage over a duration of 3 seconds. Additionally, Scorch gains a Movement Speed boost of 15.00%. At the end of the duration or when the move is reactivated, Scorch will instantly deal 40 (+50%) magical damage and knock back enemy targets within the cone.

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