Punch Club 2 Fast Forward Beginner Tips

Punch Club 2 Fast Forward, the fighting management sim from Lazy Bear Games and publisher tinyBuild, offers a roguelike experience reminiscent of 80s vibes. It is a strange game that not everyone is familiar with. In the game, it’s up to players to become the hero their city needs or make a series of poor choices that will tarnish boxing’s reputation. That’s why you may need some tips and tricks to be able to be successful.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

If you want to become a champion fighter in Punch Club 2 Fast Forward, it’s essential to take risks. This is because the game’s world is brutal and unforgiving, and you need to be ready to fight for what you want.

It would be best if you relied on your strength, resilience, and ability to think on your feet in order to survive in this future. From working with the police and mafia to opening up your own school to becoming a champion in the fighting leagues, life will throw everything at you. It’s a rat race that only the strongest will win, and you will need to manage your time effectively in order to get ahead.

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Don’t Rely on Shortcuts

The key to success in Punch Club 2 Fast Forward is hard work. It takes time to train, learn new skills, and develop one’s stats. It requires repression, sweat, and a lot of pain. And while neuro-training and software might be tempting shortcuts, they will never be as effective as a good old-fashioned workout in the gym.

There’s no need for a flux capacitor to experience the 90s nostalgia in this fighting management sim. You have the power to become the hero your city needs or fall into a path of poor choices that could tarnish the reputation of boxing.

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Take Your Time To Progress

With a new leveling and progression system, the addition of different fighting schools, and even the option to work for the mafia or police – there are plenty of options to explore in Punch Club 2 Fast Forward.

So, effective time management is vital. Whether it’s attending training, working for the mafia or police, taking illegal bets, managing your finances, or climbing to the top of the city’s fighting leagues, life moves fast in this dystopian future, so it’s crucial to plan ahead.

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Hold Foods and Energy Items in the Inventory

One of the most significant additions in Punch Club 2 is the ability to hold some smaller food and energy items in your character’s inventory. This is in addition to the fact that all larger meals in your fridge need time to prepare. 

As a result, inventory goods can be used to rapidly replenish your health, stamina, and energy. All of the stuff you purchase from your bosses at various workplaces are added to your inventory.

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Happiness is Everything

When you first begin the game, you may be tempted to amass as much money as possible in order to set up a home gym. While this is a fine long-term objective, you should be careful not to overwork yourself because if your happiness drops too low, your maximum health, stamina, and appetite will suffer until you correct it. Make an effort to find as many fighting opportunities as feasible.

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