Review: Ghost Watchers Offers Co-op Horror Experience

Ghost Watchers is one of the multiplayer co-op horror games, which is in early access right now! If you love this genre or multiplayer games, then you need to check out this review!

Ghost Watchers is one of the fantastic horror games that offers a co-op experience to gamers. The game was released on July 28, 2022, and received plenty of very positive feedback. It is now on early access, and the game’s full release is still unknown.

The developer and publisher of the game are Renderise, and it is an active studio on Discord. In fact, the developer encourages gamers to join their Discord channel to provide feedback. This will let you have a word on the development roadmap.

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Review: Ghost Watchers Offers Co-op Horror Experience 3

Enjoy 8 Types of Ghosts and More than 20 Detailed Tools

So far, there are only 8 types of ghosts in the game. However, the developer announced that they are working on the addition of new ghosts. These ghosts consist of some people’s souls, different demons, and strange creatures. Thus, we can say that a completely new adventure will await the players in each encounter. 

Besides the 8 types of ghosts, players can find more than 20 detailed tools in the game. These tools are for collecting evidence as well as fighting ghosts. Players can gather information and collect evidence to learn the type of the ghost, its mood, and its age. All this information is very important to developing your strategy to exorcise them. In addition, you can also catch them to exorcise the haunted locations.

The game offers a wide range of ghosts, and you can even find the spirit of a vampire. Depending on the type and mood of the ghost, it has different skills and curses that affect the people in the haunted houses.

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Review: Ghost Watchers Offers Co-op Horror Experience 4

Ghost Watchers Offers Online Co-op Mode Along With Single-player Campaign

As you can play the game alone in single-player mode, you can also play Ghost Watchers online in co-op mode. No matter which mode you prefer, we recommend playing the game with your headphones on.

With its realistic graphics and detailed gameplay, Ghost Watchers may be one of the best horror games that you’ve ever played! In addition, we would like to note that Ghost Watchers may not be a good choice for horror genre lovers.

This game really puts pressure on the players and gradually increases the tension. So, it can be really scary for many players. On the other hand, if you have been complaining about the lack of realistic horror games, Ghost Watchers may be a great chance for you to give it a try.

The affordable price of Ghost Watchers is also another reason why you may want to give it a try. Ghost Watchers is offered at a price that is literally cheaper than most indie games. In our opinion, this game must be in every horror genre lover’s library!

One of the great advantages of Ghost Watchers is that it does not require any advanced hardware. You can literally run the game on the highest settings on any computer that can run any modern browser.

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