Scavengers Early Access Is Available On Steam

Scavengers is a battle royale that takes you to the unforgiving frozen wasteland. Its free-to-play early access was initially released on May 2nd on Steam. Many players have been arguing about its quality, and they have been divided.

Scavengers Gameplay

Scavengers Overview

Scavengers is a free-to-play battle royale that is in the early access phase currently. The game takes you to the unforgiving frozen wasteland of scavengers and in the middle of a strategic survival battleground.

It is an action shooter game where three squads battle to survive and dominate in a combination of sandbox-style PvE (player versus environment) and class-based PvP (player versus player).

When you look at the screenshots and the trailers, it seems a decent royal battle with the characters, weapons, design, and gameplay. Also, I can say that I saw some similarities with one of the pioneers of the battle royal games Apex Legends.

Even though the game seems a solid battle royal, it has only 57% positive reviews on Steam. The debate among the players in the game has some kinds of optimization problems. You can even see the lags in the gameplay video.
Another striking problem, the game ends after 5 minutes when players are camping at some advantageous points on the map. In addition, the fact that the old players of the game are dominating the new players is another matter of discussion.

But at the end of the day, it is just an early access game, and still, it has a way to more to be a solid competitor of battle royals currently existing in the market.

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