Sky Mod FNF

Sky Mod FNF is one of the best Friday Night Funkin mods developed by bbpanzu. And the character was made by bfswifeforever. Although it’s not the newest FNF Mod, it is one of the most entertaining mods created for the Friday Night Funkin. With Vs Sky Mod, a whole complete week and brand new songs will be awaiting you.

Friday Night Funkin is a fun rhythm game that you as a boyfriend will have rhythm battles with the characters who are not cool with you dating your girlfriend. If you are unfamiliar with the Friday Night Funkin, you may find more about Friday Night Funkin on Lawod.

In the Vs Sky Mod FNF, you’ll have a rhythm battle with the character, who is created by bfswifeforever. In this mod, a complete week and brand new songs await you. Also, before the game, you’ll see dialogue and cinematics.

FNF Vs Sky Mod Songs

There are three songs in Vs Sky Mod FNF that are really fun to listen to.

  • Wife-Forever,
  • Manifest, and
  • Sky

FNF Vs Sky Mod No Download

It is possible to play Vs Sky Mod without downloading it. There are multiple websites you can play Friday Night Funkin Vs Sky Mod online. Only you need to do is Googling it.

FNF Vs Sky Mod Download

You can download FNF Sky Mod from the net and start to play it on your PC. If you don’t know how to download FNF mods on your PC, we explained that in Best Friday Night Funkin Mods You Can Play article.


Due to a disagreement, the FNF Sky mod was removed, and the creator of this mod said he would not reupload it. To respect bbpanzu’s wishes and not promote the Sky Mod, we updated this article. Special thanks to Reddit user Hologram165 for helping us to improve the quality of this article.

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