Sons of the Forest Achievements

Sons of the Forest is a game that can be challenging and rewarding. The game has some achievements that players can unlock during their play, and figuring out what each one requires can be tricky.

There are 28 different achievements in Sons of the Forest, which is more than most games offer in early access. Each one comes with a set of requirements that you need to complete to earn the achievement. However, some may take you a little longer than others to reach 100% completion. They may take a bit of strategy and patience. Fortunately, there are some simple tips and tricks that you can use to get these achievements faster.

For example, Survivor can be unlocked by surviving a day in the game, which is pretty easy to do. You can do this by staying in your tent or shelter and spamming the sleep button. Another way to complete this achievement is by constructing structures that require lots of logs. Another achievement you can earn in Sons of the Forest is called Keep Your Friends Close, which can be unlocked by completing the story without killing any NPCs. This is a great way to help your team out when it’s time to take on the game’s final boss. Here is the whole list of all the achievements in Sons of the Forest:

  • Survivor – Survive Day 1
  • What Could Go Wrong – Survive Day 10
  • This Place Isn’t So Bad – Survive Day 25
  • Never Going Home – Survive Day 50
  • Tradesman – Build a structure with 50+ logs
  • Constructor – Build a structure with 100+ logs
  • Architect – Build a structure with 500 logs
  • City Planner – Build a structure with 1000 logs
  • Sucker for Punishment – Get yourself kicked five times
  •  by a heavy cannibal
  • Every Move You Make – Give a GPS tracker to Virginia
  • This Can’t Be Healthy – Drink 50 cans of Fi-Z
  • Dynamo – Wear a full set of Tech Armor
  • Collector: Pick up 50 Drogue watches
  • 1% – Collect $1000
  • Foodie – Eat one of each type of edible
  • Trusted – Become a trusted player in a multiplayer game (Multiplayer only)
  • Fashionista – Own at least one piece of clothing
  • Pinata – Blow up a Sluggy
  • McCrafty – Craft all weapons
  • I Dream of Sushi – Eat 20 raw fish
  • Badger – Dig 100 holes
  • I Like Blisters – Dig 1000 holes
  • Need a Bigger Boat – Get killed by a shark
  • Maker – Print one of every item
  • Chivalry is Not Dead – Reach max Sentiment with Virginia
  • Fought Demons – Leave the Island
  • Fight Demons – Stay on the Island
  • Keep Your Friends Close – Complete the story with all friendly NPCs still alive

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