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Sons of the Forest is a survival horror that throws you into a world of dangerous adversaries. It's a great game packed with action but leaves you with questions like "How Does it End?

When it comes to open-world survival games, Sons of the Forest is one of the best. It takes place on an isolated island crawling with mutated cannibals. It offers players a deep story that they can progress through. Developer Endnight Games has opted to leave things up to you, and you can choose from three different endings depending on your choices. 

The game’s finale was a major highlight for many, offering an intriguing story that was both heartbreaking and heartwarming. It’s a feature that fans of the original will be eager to see in the sequel, too. As with the first the Forest, Sons of the Forest has more than one ending for players and may even offer a secret final sequence. Let’s find out how to get to that secret finale and unlock all the other endings in Sons of the Forest.

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All Endings in Sons of the Forest

The island is crawling with mutated cannibals, demons, and other creatures – and there’s an intriguing central story to explore. But despite the abundance of lore, it can be difficult to know how the story ends or what your actions have actually meant. Thankfully, Endnight Games has opted to include multiple endings in Sons of the Forest. The good news is that all of them are quite similar, with a few small differences, but they can be easily unlocked by simply completing the game’s main objectives.

  • Bad Ending: First, the game will give you a choice to board a rescue helicopter, allowing you to leave the island and return to civilization. This is the ‘good’ Sons of the Forest ending, unlocking the ‘Fight Demons’ achievement. However, if you ignore the helicopter and retrieve your backpack, you’ll remain on the island forever and fight monsters as you see fit. This ‘bad’ ending is similar to the original game but will result in a different outcome.
  • Good Ending: If you decide to keep your companions alive, the game will give you another ending – the best one! Virginia and Kelvin will join you in the golden cube sequence as usual, but then they’ll both board a rescue helicopter with you, allowing you to leave the island together.
  • Secret Ending: To reach this secret ending, you must befriend Virginia and keep her alive throughout your journey. You can do this by advancing to the VIP bunker on the island’s eastern shore, where you’ll need to use your VIP keycard to enter. Once inside, you’ll need to find a series of items. It’s important to find these in the order they are listed because some require others before you can get them.

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