Sons of the Forest Shotgun Location

The shotgun is a powerful weapon in Sons of the Forest that can be found in certain locations throughout the game. This article will discuss where to find the shotgun and how to obtain it.

A shotgun is a firearm that can hold up to six shells at a time. It fires a spread of pellets that can deal significant damage to enemies at close range in Sons of the Forest. The shotgun is effective against mutants and cannibals and is particularly useful when facing multiple enemies or when dealing with heavily armored enemies.

However, the shotgun has a slow rate of fire and a limited range, so it’s not as effective at long-range combat. Shotgun in Sons of the Forest uses shotgun shells as its ammunition. Shotgun shells can be found scattered throughout the game world or purchased from traders. The player can carry a maximum of 40 shells at a time, so it’s important to conserve ammunition and use the shotgun strategically.

The shotgun can be found in the caves near the starting location. It is hidden behind a locked gate that can only be opened with a keycard. The keycard can be found in the sinkhole near the main entrance of the caves. However, players must be careful as the caves are home to various dangerous creatures, including mutants and cannibals.

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Sons of the Forest Shotgun Location 2

Where to Find the Shotgun?

To find and obtain the shotgun in Sons of the Forest, players must follow these steps:

  • Locate the markers on the map with an exclamation point inside of them in your GPS by opening it.
  • Navigate to the marker that is nearer to the water but not in it. 
  • Your GPS will beep more frequently as you approach the marker.
  • Dig up the grave using the shovel.
  • Break the coffin and grab the shotgun from the corpse.

The shotgun is a powerful and versatile weapon in Sons of the Forest that can greatly aid players in combat. Its ability to damage enemies at close range significantly makes it valuable, particularly when the player is outnumbered or faces heavily armored enemies. With various upgrades and ammunition options, the shotgun can be customized to suit a player’s playstyle and preferences.

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