Sons of the Forest Knight V Location and More

The most recent Sons of the Forest update adds a new vehicle called the Knight V, which looks like an electric unicycle.

One of the latest patches for Sons of the Forest has introduced a whole host of new tools and additions, including the Knight V, which is a fantastic vehicle that’s perfect for zipping around the map in style, night vision goggles, and even a trap that will make your enemies into ridiculous ragdolls.

The Knight V is a new ground transportation system that players can use to move at high speeds and rush through the brush. This is a great way to travel around the Sons of the Forest map, and the only downside is that you can’t use it in caves or while swimming.

As of Patch 03, the Knight V is one of the most commonly requested items by fans of Sons of the Forest. It is a very versatile and efficient vehicle that can be used to speed up travel in the game, while it is also a great tool for evading cannibals who might otherwise chase you down. While this vehicle is incredibly fast, it is not as good for traversing through forests or mountain biomes, as it can be difficult to navigate and maneuver at full speed. It is a very versatile tool, though, and it is one of the most sought-after vehicles in Sons of the Forest. You can pick up the Knight V in a few different locations throughout the game.

Sons of the Forest Knight V Location and More Lawod ss
Sons of the Forest Knight V Location and More 2

Knight V Locations

The location of Knight V in Sons of the Forest is fairly easy to find, and it can be found at various locations across the island. There are three places where it can be found:

  1. The first place to look for Knight V is on the far South West part of the map by Maintenance B. This is where you will find a green marker by a flat land of dirt with a Cannibal Camp nearby.
  2. The second place to look for the Knight V is in a cannibal camp just West of an abandoned landing strip on the Southeast side of the map. This can be a great spot to use the Knight V because the area is often empty, and you can easily grab it and quickly drive away from any danger.
  3. The Knight V can also be found in a few other locations that aren’t marked on the map. One of these is in an abandoned camp that is by one of the lakes. Another can be found in an abandoned camp that is located in a Cannibal Camp further South of Maintenance B.

The Knight V can be ridden at high speeds anywhere on the island, but it has some limitations. If the player rides it into a large body of water, they will be thrown off the vehicle. They can also be knocked off if they hit low obstacles, like rocks or ledges, at a certain speed.

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