Stick It To The Stick Man – A Prototype Rouge-Lite Kicker Game

Stick it to the stick man is a classic stickman run game where you have to fight to get your job back. If you feel like throwing punches and flying kicks at everyone around, this small but fun game can satisfy your desire.

Stick it to the stick man is a physics-based rouge-lite indie game where a grumpy stickman fights everyone in front of him to face his boss. In this game, you, as a stickman, will rebel against the system. Because the stick dude is working on the lowest floors of an office for low-wage, And you must beat everyone who comes in your way to meet the boss.

Although you face the same people on each floor, fighting is getting harder and harder. You can also improve your stickman and teach him new moves. One of the great things about the game is unlocking new moves and upgrades to upgrade your character while climbing the tower. You start with simple kicks and punches at first, and eventually, you can get fly kicks, groin kicks, machineguns, glue guns, ninja stars, bicycle kicks, spinning punches, chainsaws, headbutts, coffee drinking, and explosive diarrhea (and more).

You can watch the gameplay video of the Stick It To The Stick Man and decide whether you download the game or not.

Stick It To The Stick Man Download

Although the game is still a prototype, it is very entertaining and shows us a lot of things about the full version. If you like to play stickman run, you can download Stick It To The Stickman from itch.IO for free. The game is currently only available for macOS and Windows PCs.

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