The First Descendant – Gravewalker Guide

Gravewalker is a boss that you will encounter in The First Descendant. It’s a large and powerful creature that can deal much damage. You will find this creature in the Unnamed City, and it is a great challenge to beat. So, if you want to beat this guy without dying a lot, here are some tips to help you get the job done.

One of the most entertaining parts of any RPG shooters is boss fights. There are a few available in The First Descendant, but Gravewalker is one of the best. A unique-looking opponent throws fireballs at you, which can easily destroy structures and deal significant damage.

However, you should know that killing this monster is not an easy task. If you let it, this creature will test your mettle with some serious fireballs. In this case, keeping a close eye on your health and the enemy is a good idea. Having a well-placed health bar and a decent amount of ammo can save you from the bone-crunching effects.

The best way to beat this beast is with a well-planned strategy, including the right kind of weapons. You’ll also want to consider the optimal range for your shot. The best weapon to use is the one that does the most damage in that range.

The First Decendent Gravewalker Lawod
The First Descendant - Gravewalker Guide 2

How to Defeat The Gravewalker?

The first thing you need to do to defeat Gravewalker is to break its shield. You need to aim at the points that appear as glowing blue and hit them continuously to break the boss’s shield. You need to do this because it’s important to break the boss’s shield in order to make it take more damage and kill it quickly.

Another good way to fight Gravewalker is by using long-distance weapons that can deal a lot of damage. This will allow you to avoid the fireball attacks that Gravewalker is going to use and also kill it in a shorter time. This is a great way to get the most out of your weapons in The First Descendant, and you’ll be surprised by how fast Gravewalker is going to die.

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